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Writing Comments:

Learning Goal: To communicate our thoughts and point of view in a respectful and meaningful way.

Success Criteria:

1. Write clearly

2. Punctuation used properly

3. No short form of text. Ex. LOL

4. Be respectful and polite

5. Be aware

















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  1. Alexander says:

    My trip to Nova Scotia

    My trip to Nova Scotia was really was fun .On march break me and my family went to Nova Scotia for a week.WE stayed at three hotels on the way there and two on the way back. On the way there we drove four hours then six hours then six hours on the way back we drove eight hours then eight hours so it took sixteen hours to get there in all.It took three days to get there then we stayed two and a half days then got back home in one and a half days to get back.The hotels we stayed at were moms boyfriend has reltives in Nova Scotia so we stayed in a cottage near them. It was fun going to Nova Scotia really really fun going to Nova Scotia.

  2. Oliver says:

    My Favourite Subject

    My favourite subject is gym. The reason my favourite subject is gym is because their are many fun activities to do. One activity is volleyball. Volleyball is fun because you can practice bumping the ball volleying the ball and serving the ball. Another reason is that you can play dodge ball. Dodgeball is fun because you get to throw the ball at people and dodge the balls that come at you. You can also do the warm up. In the warm up you get to do push-ups,sit-ups and the stretch. In the beep test you get to run very fast and in soccer you practice kicking,scoring and being goalie. In basketball you practice passing the ball stealing the ball and scoring. Now I hope you agree with me when I say my favourite subject is very fun and active.

  3. logan says:


    My favourite subject is phys,ed what is yours.
    I like phys,ed because you don’t have to write or read you get to play games.
    Also i like phys,ed because you get lots of exercise but sometimes people ruin it by talking when the teacher is talking then we waist can,t play games and when people talk they wais,t time then people get mad.

    What’s your favourite subject?

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