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  1. Ava says:

    I think people have to earn respect because you need to treat people the way you want to be treated. You also can’t expect EVERYONE to be nice to you all the time. I think at least everyone has to have some level of respect because its only to be nice and it will make you feel good to make someone smile. For example, if you saw someone you did not like someone and you saw them at wal-mart, don’t go up to them and say ‘ i don’t like you’ if they look at them say hi or just wave. I hope everyone agrees that respect is a powerful tool in life. Hope you enjoyed my respect assignment.

  2. owen says:


    How I Want to be Treated by Classmates

    In my classroom, being respectful to each other is very important. The way I want to be treated is to be treated normal and kind. The way I don’t want to be treated is for my peers to be bossing me around and telling me what to do. I don’t want students to be hurting each other by hitting or fighting and hurting people with their words. If people did these things, it would not be a very welcoming place to learn.

  3. Ava says:

    How i want to be treated by my classmates

    I would like my classmates give me respect like i would to them. I want my classmates and even mr.vella to respect me because it would build our relationship and we all should have a fair amount of respect. Not only does it make someone else happy it will make you happy.

  4. Ava says:

    Tony’s adventure

    There was once a burger named tony.
    His family had a tradition, it was going through The digestive system. And now he’s going to experience a wonderful journey.

    Stage 1: compers

    When he entered stage 1, he saw BIG white blocks, (teeth) were he was starting to wonder what they were for. But he found out. ow ! ow! Ow!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Stage 2: slime slide

    After stage 2, the pain was over! Yay!
    “But but what is this? Some sort of slime?” he screamed. Down the esophagus he goes.

    Stage 3: pool of lemonade

    After the slide, he got dropped into lemonade. He didn’t know what was going on but he did know that billy did drink lemonade.

    Stage 4: transformation

    Next was the bladder, he did notice some differences, but not going to get too detailed. But……. Ya he was there.

    Stage 5: maze

    Once he left, he noticed that, he landed in a maze!
    He ventured in the small intestine. It took him HOURS to get out. But he relized it was left, right and left. He had part 2 of the maze. The large intestine. After like 2 million years he finally got out.

    Last stage 6: EXIT

    Once he got out of the maze he noticed an long path to the exit! “10 minutes later…”

    He finally achivedd his goal, going trough the digestive system.


  5. nikhil1819 says:

    Yes people do have to earn respect. Because like what with someone be rude to you then you are the person getting in trouble then nobody is going to be your friend
    Is going to be your friend but if you be nice then everyone will be
    Your friend. And yes people do have to earn some level of respect. The end…

  6. Ava says:

    How to make our school
    More respectful

    Ways to make our school more respectful is to, think of others, (meaning don’t be selfish) say please and thank you whenever someone is handing something to you, and use appropriate language like nothing inappropriate, and no cursing. What i could do is make posters about making our school more respectful, or i can make i vote if they like the school the way it is or if they want it more respectful.
    Now that was my 2-3 ideas to make this school more respectful, thanks for your attention hope you enjoyed.

  7. Erica says:


    These are ways that we can and I can make the school respect . If we be respectful for a week we should have get a prize from the teacher every person should have a turn if they are being good.There should be a day where everyone writes a respectful thing on a paper and stick it outside the school so everyone can see it when they drive by or walk.Every holiday we should have a party.

    I would make the school better from helping people and the teacher.From cleaning up stuff and organize people things or in the class that .looks messy.

  8. jasmine says:

    Why i think everyone should have some respect
    First, i think everyone should ht have any respect we
    would always be fighting and being unkind then
    love and peace wouldn´t be a thing and they didn´t
    create us for non sense. he/she created us for something
    to be part of Last everyone has believes and we have
    to respect this is why everyone should have respect

  9. abigail says:

    What is bullying?

    Bullying is wine some wane is costintle do in something and does not stop for a long time. Bullying is when people do meney stof or sas menae words. Some bullys may try it hurt you or kill you. You might want to your selfie because of them. You might not want to go to school or work because they think you will bully them agen. You mite not han do try new stuff because you think that they will make fun of you. want to go to college of younavsate because that bully might be there. That bully mhit go to galle. When you want a job The person who was bullying you might want a job You might n at the hotel or barber or hospitals and you might say no because he was bullying you.

  10. saahib says:

    Hello I’m going to talk about why I think Halloween should be canceled. The first reason I think Halloween should be canceled is because the virus could spread. The second reason is that kids will be sad that they have to wear a mask. That is why I think Halloween should be canceled.

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