A Letter to a Loved One During the Great Wars

By , November 12, 2020 12:22 pm

Students in class have discussed the times back in World War and what it would be like to write a personal letter to a loved on. Click the comment link to read our letters.

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  1. Alex says:

    February 26 1944

    Dear Mom and Dad,

    I’m writing this letter to you from Normandy, France. We just got here a couple days ago. I have never been this far from home before. What a beautiful country, but filled with anger and sadness at the same time. Today is my birthday and I’m missing all of you so much. I’m especially missing mom’s homemade chocolate cake that I get each year on my birthday. It’s been horrible over here, so cold. I’m looking forward to the snow melting and the spring to arrive.I have made so many great friends along the way, people who I will be friends with forever I will never forget them. Some have been hurt badly, others passed. I hope you all are not worried about me. I am well and healthy and feel just fine. I always look forward to receiving letters and pictures from the family. It warms my heart during these cold days. What i have seen so far i will definitely never forget. More and more ships of troops keep pulling up to the shores carrying soldiers by the thousands. The sounds of planes dropping soldiers floating down from the skies with parachutes. It’s a different sight to see that’s for sure.

    How are you both doing? How are my sisters Sophia and Karla doing? I’ve been away so long, they must be getting so big now. Please if you are able try to send me more pictures of all of the family. How is our family farm doing? It must be hard now that I am gone and not able to help out dad with all of the chores. I’m hoping you and dad can get some more help on the farm soon, I know he will certainly need it. Since spring is coming and a lot of new animals will be born. Please tell my uncles, aunts and cousins that I also miss them terribly. Also, I am doing fine. I will send you another letter when I am able, I do really enjoy communicating with you all as much as I possibly can, it’s what gets me through these hard times. Love you all so much.

    Love always, Alex.

  2. Neema says:

    Dear Mia Rathbone, 1940-11-9
    Hey i hope your doing good It’s midnight but im getting my letter ready. By now it’s probably morning. Ww2 is hard just imagine ww3 starting it will be twice as hard I miss you already. Anyways I’m eating at night because I’m hungry my friends are eating with me. Hope your doing good!! To be honest I kinda like the food here.it’s kinda weird but it’s good it taste like normal food.By the way I made amazing friends they’re so nice.And tell Moggly i said hi. Quick question what’s happening at home, anything interesting? Ok bye i got to go before someone catches me bye!!

    Your Neema

  3. crystal says:


    Dear grandma,

    I miss all of you. I hope it snows and I will not be home for a while. I’m in the trench right now. I’m in war. I have to go in 5 minutes. I hope I see you someday.
    I hope we will win while I’m fighting for our country. If we win, I hope I live. I am not the best person but I will try to be better.my life changed when I signed up for fighting in world war 1. I was a new person and thanks for supporting me.Im in world war 2.


  4. Andrew says:

    Dear Adria Date 1915 Jul 10th,

    Sister it has been a hard day. I have to train everyday. I really miss u i hope you are doing well. have u found any things a job farming or gardening i wish we could win this easy but we never started this war they did also we have been eating pork for the past year and water it’s so cold and my knees are wet and cold it’s been a bad day today i hope u are doing well the days pass by one by one soldiers die just because they started the war doesn’t mean we want war we have to fight day by day i hope u are safe i will protect u.

    Sincerely Andrew

  5. Jack says:

    oct) monday) 9) 1914


    I know I’ve been gone for so long I just wanted to now how are you Doing And how are the dogs doing and the cat And how the house is doing And I hope I’m coming home soon It might take years maybe months And I hope I don’t Die And I want you both to know That I love both of You I’m so lucky to have you as my parents So send me a letter if you get this.

  6. jackson says:

    Dear dad 1939 may 8
    I’m doing very good it is very good it is cold in the trench but i am keeping up with it i bet ben is
    Really tall now maybe 4 feet i don’t have a long break so i will have to go get so food before my
    Break ends i have a little time left so how are you doing how is life on the farm

    Sincerely jackson

  7. hailey says:


    Dear mom and dad,
    Right now i’m in the trenches muddy, wet and scared i’m wounded with a gunshot in my left knee im okay but still hurt and hurting that’s why i’m having a break in the trenches and hopefully safe for at least an hour or so. Hopefully I can come back home soon. how are you doing without me there? I miss you guys. Do you miss me? Are you guys doing well? How is grandma and nana doing? I’m doing okay with people that are nice and helping each other. This is not a fun time but i’m okay because we want freedom in this country.

  8. Julie says:

    December 20,1917
    Dear Mom,

    How are things going on the farm? I hope my horses are behaving well for you and dad. I hope the weather is good for you this winter. How are you and dad doing? I’m doing ok, I’m missing being home and helping out with the chores around the farm and house. I am cold and wet. The trenches are muddy and cold. Some soldiers that I have become friends with, have lost some fingers and toes due to the extreme cold. Don’t worry I am bundling the best I can to stay warm. A couple of weeks ago I lost one of my closest friends during a battle. I’m scared that it will happen to me next and I won’t see you or dad again. That has been going through my mind a lot lately. I just want to come home.
    I noticed Christmas is just a few days away and it made me think of you and dad. I´m wishing you both a very Merry Christmas. I miss you both so much. I will write again as soon as I get a spare moment. Please take care of each other. I love you guys. Say hello to the rest of the family from me.

    Your daughter Julie

  9. layla says:

    March 21 1943

    Dear Mom And dad,
    I have been away for months. I love you. I am cold and tired and I am very very scared I love you. I hope we win. I am starving. I am sore. Do not worry about me.
    How are all you guys And the Animals doing? I really really miss you guys happy birthday dad pealys send photos are you selling anything


  10. tyler says:

    November 9th 1914

    Dear DadI miss you all very much. How are mom and hunter doing. I wish i could come home to see all of you. How are Grama and Grampa doing?
    I am safe for now and doing all right. I get pretty scared sometimes but my buddies are feeling the same so we help each other. We were all very sad last week because we lost two of our friends in a batul

    How is work going for you and Mom? Are you really busy? Have you gone out fishing lately? I miss home with all of you so much.
    I need to go now so I can get this to the mail officer. I miss you all and love getting your letters

    Love to you all Tyler

  11. priyankan says:

    November 10th,2020

    Dear dad,

    How are you?I am fine.next mouth I have a break for 20 day. I will see you and I’m excited to see my family and my friend.
    I came to see all my friends and I played hockey with my friend and I made food for my family.

    Dad you take care of yourself and the family

    From your truly love:

  12. Lily C says:

    November 11,2020

    Dear Mom,
    I am writing you this letter to let you know that I’m a doing ok for now. The war has been difficult so far but we are starting to gain a bit of an advantage against the enemies. I can’t wait to be able to come home when this is done.
    I love you and if I survive I will see you when the war is over. I Love you so much

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