Should Hallowe’en 2020 move forward for all children in Ontario as planned based on the Covid-19 pandemic? What is your point of view?

By , October 23, 2020 12:39 pm

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  1. Teagan says:

    I think Halloween should not go on because more people might get infected, plus you could do a private trick or treating like go to your grandma’s house and do trick or treating. If halloween get canceled then you can always have halloween parties, scavenger hunts & other fun stuff, I know Trick or Treating was the whole purpose of Halloween, but it would just get more people infected, which would be really bad, please stay safe if you go trick or treating anyway.

  2. haliley says:

    Why I do not think Halloween should go on.

    I do not think halloween should go on because I think some people’s parents dont go trick or treating so those people go with their friends instead and if there friends went to school and they were sick and did not know they had it, it could get the other person sick and then go to people’s houses all over and that might be corona and then the other person and all those people would get it then were just creating more possible case’s added to the cases of covid 19 then we will go into lockdown then that’s not fun. As much as i want it to go on i do not think it should this will make the cases much worse probably but if everyone just stay’s home we have a chance to get over this. There are so many little kids that love hallowe’en and they will have a hissy fit and that’s not fun for the parents but it will keep our whole country safe and less case’s added to covid 19. If Hallowe’en has to be cancelled there are many other things you could do in alternative like have a scavenger hunt inside or outside, you could also have family over and have a little party. You could also do a lot more like buy a couple of five dollar boxes of 50 candy’s and then watch scary movies. Even if it goes on, I’m staying safe in my house and not going anywhere. I will be sitting on the couch watching scary movies and will be on my chromebook on AMAZON. You can get your family to come over and bring a couple candies and isn’t spending time with your family much funner than walking and getting candies that might make you sick and you ’t even eat them for 2 or 3 days. That is why I think halloween should not go on.

  3. Jack says:

    With the way it is going right now with this virus I think it would be ok to continue with Halloween as long as you know how to stay safe and cautious. One way is by staying 6 feet away, another way is by wearing gloves, and wearing masks. You can also bring hand sanitizer with you to use. It might be a good idea to only go to certain houses that you know or are comfortable with. I think it would be a good idea if you sanities after being at each house to help keep yourself safe.

  4. Andrew says:

    I think people should have a free choice to trick or treat or not because some people may feel safe and some won’t.
    A few people will probably do another fun thing instead of going trick or treating. For example like doing a candy hunt or buy candy and have a candy party and eat candy. They can also play hide and seek. If they win they get candy!.
    If they are going trick or treating they can stay safe by wearing a mask and gloves. They can also sanitize their candy and wash their hands .
    stay safe and have a good halloween this year.

    Andrew Neadow

  5. Aiden says:

    No I don’t think halloween should go ahead because of the pandemic.It is not safe to be out in a big group of people.I think you should go trick or treating with your family and friends.That way you can still dress up and go trick or treating and get candy. Maybe the parents can get the kids some candy at home and after you visit your family then maybe you can have a movie night and watch a halloween movie.
    I think that’s safer to do it that way, so you or anyone in your family don’t get sick.

  6. Alex says:

    My favourite holiday is Halloween, I look forward to it all year. Every October my family and I have lots of traditions that we love to do. This year because of covid we were not allowed to do lots of them. Even though I love halloween so much I understand why it’s not safe to go trick or treating this year. It’s very scary to think that people will still be going to get candy door to door trick or treating. Even though the government is recommending that in non hotspots we go door to door trick or treating while wearing masks or keeping 6 feet distance i still think that it’s unsafe. We don’t know who was handling the candy that they are giving out. Also we don’t know if they were safe and wearing gloves and masks or if they or anyone in that house had covid. My mom is going to be throwing a halloween party for me and my sister’s and cousin’s so we have something else to do to celebrate. We will still be dressing up and carving pumpkins, watching movies and doing arts and crafts. Also my mom said she will be hiding candy and having a scavenger hunt like we do at Easter. I’m hoping that maybe next year things can be under control and covid is gone so we can go out for halloween like normal.

  7. Neema Vijay says:

    I don’t think Halloween should go
    on but people already voted on it
    continuing I think most people will
    stay home to decrease the population
    of covid-19 we should really be careful
    and understanding that. If you want to
    make someone happy it’s also .other
    people because you may into know
    that u have the virus so we should really
    be mindful. There is a lot of things wrong
    with going outside and trick or treating
    when there is this huge virus spreading
    and spreading. But there are some
    people who understand this.
    Heath is more important than
    trick or treating There is lots of
    things wrong with trick or treating
    in the middle of a pandemic.
    Plus sitting down on a short couch
    And bench watching Netflix movies.
    You can celebrate Halloween with
    your family by watching movies
    And eating a good dinner.

  8. Julie says:

    Halloween is just around the corner and lots of people are questioning if it is going to happen or if it will be cancelled. I personally believe that Halloween should move forward, because we have already missed out on some holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving. If we follow the social distancing guidelines and keep safe distance from people outside of our group or bubbles as some people like to call it. And wear masks and gloves of some sort at doors we should be able to move forward. It will be different from all the other years of Trick or Treating but I think children and parents should get out and have a bit of fun for one night as a family. It is after all an event that is done outside so it isn’t like we will be in close quarters with others. You can find ways to distance ourselves from others like crossing the street or taking a break to give space on the sidewalk. Or you can wait at the end of the driveway when another group is already up at the door you’re waiting to go too. That way you are following the social distancing guidelines. These are just some of the reasons why I think Halloween should move forward.

  9. layla says:

    I think halloween should go on But if the casis go up I do not want halloween to go on. I really hope Halloween gos on because you look forward to Halloween because it only happens 1 year But this year it is not the best idea. My dad wants us to do something like an Easter hunt but for halloween but my mom says well that takes away the fun because we like to show off their costumes. inconcloseen i think it should go on.

  10. autumn says:

    Why I think Halloween shouldn’t go on because of this pandemic. Because people can get sick and the higher the number of infecYou can spread it from house to house. Going to house to house for halloween can spread the virus even more. And get more people ted people that go up the more stuff the government will shut down again. And the next holiday is Christmas, it won’t be the same if things are shut down and lower the number of people you’re allowed to have in your bubble. I think that kids should still be able to buy costumes bule pick a safer way to trick or treat, like for me my mom gave me two options for this year. One is still going to our church. We have been doing it for the last four year. This year they are changing it dew to the virus instead of inside the church they are doing it outside. Drive thru where you can still get candy but safely. Our second idea is that we dress up and have a scavenger hunt for candy my parents will buy so it’s safe then we have a halloween party inside our house and do fun crafts, music and eat fun halloween treats.

  11. jackson says:

    Should continue. I think halloween could not go on because for me i think that if halloween goes on I think there will be a spike in coShould cvid 19 . Next you can still have fun if halloween does not happen. You can dress up and your mom and dad can buy a hull bunch of candy and hide it all around theShould continue or should not c house and you have a scavenger hunt . Also in my words I do not want to have a spike in covid 19 because it might stop holiday like christmas and Easter. I find that halloween gets kids so happy because they get free candy and get to show off their Costume and i still want to have halloween but i would rather keep my friends and family safe . So that is why i think halloween should not go on.

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