Class Visit to Queens University for a Sports Camp

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On my May 22, 2018, students in our class visited Queens University to participate in a sports camp. Students participated in a variety of games throughout the day. Please click the comment link to read what students in our class had to say.


25 Responses to “Class Visit to Queens University for a Sports Camp”

  1. seth says:

    At Queens I had lots of fun because we got to play wheelchair basketball. When we were playing it took a while to get the hang of moving but I could do it after a few minutes. Something else that I liked was when we were there we went to the mat room several times when we play dodgeball and we played time bomb and we played Mafia. Our coaches was very kind and very patient. they’re names was Alex Emma and Vee. One thing that I would change is that when we went swimming the pool time was very small and we were not allowed to go on both large diving boards and both small diving boards. When we played water polo I didn’t really understand and it was just a big Clump but it was fun anyway. When we played handball I would have liked to have made the teams boys versus boys and have voice and girls play against girls. If I go again I will have lots of fun and I will love to do it sign Seth.

    • Olivia says:

      What didn’t you like at Queens university? Is there anything in particular? Maybe a game you played?

    • Grady Martin says:

      I agree with you Seth the wheel chair basket ball I thought it was so much fun and it did take a little time to get the hang of but it was still fun! I liked the mat room too Alex was cool too I did not understand water polo too! I agree with the line on the diving boards they were super big I wish they were smaller! That was my response to Seth Aide!

  2. Grady Martin says:

    Hi my name is Grady! And this is my response to the trip to Queen’s! I loved the mat room it was really fun playing time bomb and the other games I also liked the wheel chair basket ball! I did not hate anything there so ya! I think Queen’s can work on not being in the mat room so much because I wish we were in the gym longer because I liked handball and I wish we would go and do more games in the gym because there was 1 game in there and that was it that’s what Queen’s can improve! that was my response o Queen’s!

    • Ryan Babbs says:

      Grady I like your response. I like your response because your talking about the games that you played and liked. Also since you didn’t hate anything maybe you can explain why you didn’t hate a game like ( I didn’t hate handball because…).

    • seth says:

      I agree that we should have had more time to play in the gym. But I also think that the mat room was a great place to have fun and exercise. It was soft and sort of like a trampoline so that’s why I liked it so much I would have liked to play in the gym more though.

  3. Ryan Babbs says:

    It was a fun trip at queens in Kingston! I liked the different games that I liked and that I have never played and it was fun. The mat room was fun because I played games I haven’t like time bom. I liked it because everyone got to play. I also liked the high diving board to jump off and how we played water polo. I also liked how we played hand ball. I did not like wheelchair basketball because I didn’t get the ball and people kept to crash into each other. What I want to do next year if I went I would want to go to the gym 1 more time instead of going to the mat room 3 times. I loved queens that day.

    • Jonah De Ruysscher says:

      Your comment is really good but you should try to make a little more sense. I don’t agree with the water polo because you had to be in a water tube the whole time. Also the wheelchair basketball I disagree because it doesn’t matter if everybody is bumping into each other because it is are first time. Also about not getting the ball. It’s just are first time. But other then that I really like your comment.

  4. Jonah De Ruysscher says:

    Hi my name is Jonah and the trip was very good. What I liked about it is that the mat room was so cool and the floor was actually a mat. Also the trip was planed out perfectly and the diving board was so cool at the pool area. Also when we played handball that was very good to,and the wheel chair basketball was awesome. What I didn’t like was nothing except for water polo because we had to be in a water tube. But that’s just me. But other people would like it. What to improve on is not that much except we went to that mat room to much but I loved the mat room so I didn’t care. But a thanks to Alex,V and Emma I had a great day. Thank you Queen’s university!

  5. Madison Morden says:

    I had so much fun at queens university last week! I am so happy that I got to come! If i did not come I would not be happy because I knew we would have lots of fun! Some things that I loved about this amazing class trip is when we did wheel chair basketball! And is was cool when Emma said that when we got the ball in the hoop and the basket you got 5 dollars but no one got the 5 dollars!! I also liked when we did water polo! Some thing that I did not like is that we could only take 3 steps in hand ball otherwise I loved handball! Maybe it should of been 5 steps!
    Something that could improve is that we do something else than the mat room 3 times and play some other games not in the mat room! I had so much fun with you guys thank you!!!!

  6. Emma k says:

    At Queen’s I enjoyed the mat room and water polo in the tubes I fell a couple of times and in the mat room I won time ball 1 time.what I did not like is mafia because a lot of people and me did not get it. I like games with everybody in games.I would like to see improved that we would get more time in the pool and to play everybody game with everybody in it for next time.

    • Jonah De Ruysscher says:

      I think you should add more detail and make more sense. Also it’s time bomb not time ball. But I agree with everything and you can improve on the detail.

  7. Olivia says:

    My name is Olivia! On may 22 2018 my class went on a trip to Queens University! sadly, I was unable to attend the trip! If I were there and participating, I imagine the day in this way. I would want to play time bomb of play wheelchair basketball! Next year if I attend, I would enjoy myself very much!

  8. mikayla says:

    My name is Mikayla. I was unable to attend to the class trip. If I was there participating, I imagine the day in this way. I´d probably be having a lot of fun playing games and swimming. Next year, if I attend, I would be really exited for the trip.

  9. wade says:

    On May 22nd I was really excited to go to Queen’s University for a class trip. Some of the things that I liked were the mat room and when we played time bomb and zombie dodgeball. Zombie I was super super fun because when you get hit on a body part, you have to take one arm away and then when you get hit and they can attest you had to lay down and they would have to drag you to the wall to make you like touch it and a time bomb I like when we ran .I did not like when we went into the mat room way too many times because we should have You could have played of wheelchair basketball way earlier than we did and we didn’t have to wait eat and then play wheelchair basketball.We could have played Floor hockey and when play wheelchair basketball and then play normal basketball

  10. Abigail! says:

    I went to Queens on May 22 and I enjoyed it because they had a mat room and we played really fun games like Time Bomb, Zombie Dodge Ball, and Mafia. They were really fun games. In Time Bomb you have 10 seconds to hit someone and the last person that gets hit is out and the game goes on until 1 person is left. Zombie Dodge Ball is when if you get hit in the chest you have to lay down and someone has to take you to the wall to revive you. Last, Mafia is when 3 people are the mafias and there is 1 doctor. The doctor has to save someone so the mafia can’t kill anyone and the town folks can guess the 3 mafias and if they guess correct that mafia gets out. I also loved wheelchair basketball. We had to sit in a wheelchair and if we got the basketball in the net and the hoop we could have got $5! I didn’t really like that we only got to use the diving boards in the deep end and we couldn’t swim. I also didn’t really like water polo because everyone was pushing. They could improve by letting us play more games in the gym and the mat room. That was my response to Queens!

  11. Kaiden K. says:

    Hi Queens my name is Kaiden. The things I liked was time bomb,Swimming,Mafia,and Wheelchair basketball. Some things I did not like was water polo,because we had to sit on tubes I wish we did not have to use the the tubes. What you could improve on is maybe you could not include the tubes.

  12. taylor says:

    Hi my name is taylor! The trip was amazing I loved wheelchair basketball I loved being able to ride a wheelchair and see if I could move it and I could really go fast after
    Time bomb is also really good it is a very fun game How to play at home and at school Zombie dodgeball was fun If you got hit in the arm you have to put it behind your back You got hit in the leg you would have to put it up if you got hit in the chest you would have to go to the other wall by getting dragged What is very very very fun

  13. Ethan says:

    My most favorite part of this trip Was The mat room Because we got to play Time bomb.I really like time Bomb because You have to pick up the ball and when the time runs out that person’s out and I really like throwing balls at people And trying to survive without the vomiting me That was my Favorite part of the Trip.

    One thing I didn’t like the field trip was The wheelchair basketball Because It was hard thing control it And plus I don’t have a really good Throw basketball and I can’t get it through the hoop That is one thing I don’t like about the field trip and that’s the only thing I didn’t like the real trip

    One thing you can improve is make Marco Polo A game in the swimming pool It’s a game where you have to Close your eyes and one person says Marco and now the person that’s a pulled off and then the person who said Marco has to try to Find the Way where they Heard The noise That is all .

    This trip was really cool and I hope they come back to this place and hope to see you guys next time from Ethan

  14. Justin says:

    My name is Justin. I was unable to attend the class trip. If I was there participating,I imagine the day in this way.
    I think it would be fun for my me and my classmates. I wonder what kind activities you would do and how fun they would be?. I know it was fun for my classmates after hearing about it. Next year, if I attend I would be excited to go.

  15. shyla mann-may says:

    Hi my name is Shyla. I liked all of the games we played in the mat room like time bomb,Moldavia,and zombie doge ball,I also liked wheel chair basketball.I liked wheel chair basket ball because I could now what people in wheel chairs go throw every day.Last I liked the swimming.I did not like the water polo because we had to stay in the inner tube for the hole time. They could in prove so we swim for longer.

  16. Nicholas says:

    My name is Nicholas.I was unable to attend class trip . If i was there and participating,i imagine the day in this way i wold imaging large gyms and pool. Next year, if i attend,i wold have fun playing game

  17. shyla says:

    Hi my name is Shyla . I went on the Queen’s trip on May 22nd. I like all the games that we learned in the mat room like zombie dodgeball, Madvia and time bomb.I also liked swimming and the wheelchair basketball because we got to feel how people in wheelchairs feel everyday.I didn’t like the waterpolo because we couldn’t get out of our inner tubes. last I did not like that we only got to swim one time.They can improve that we go swimming more than once and that we did more games and more fun stuff. Overall I had a lot of fun on the Queen’s trip.

  18. trayvon says:

    Hi name is trayvon I cold not go on the class trip I am in a wheelchair and also I would be good at basketball I imagine the day would be good.

  19. Caitlyn W says:

    My favorite thing at queens was wheelchair basketball and at the end of the day when we mafia but I was sad when we had to go back to the school.
    But what I did not like was when we played water polo.
    What I think they could have improved is instead of using our time to swim twice we could have done something else instead.

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