A Day in Medieval Times

By , May 7, 2018 2:17 pm

Students in our class have been learning about life in Medieval Times. Students wrote creative stories about living in Medieval Times. Click the comments button to read.

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  1. olivia says:

    One day June 24th 1066 There lived a girl named Liv. It was the beginning of the Hastings war of 1066 and Livs dad steve was a knight so he was battling.The other week liv found an underground passage so she yelled to everyone “Follow Me!” and everyone in the village followed her. She locked them in and her dad was still fighting And there were two knights left and Caitlyn lives BFF killed one and Liv killed one! After the battle Liv and caitlyn made a new new friend Grady and her dad became king and her mom Tish became queen!! After that their lives were great and they lived happily ever after the end!!

  2. Abigail R! says:

    On a sunny day there was a king’s child in training to become a knight. He was 11 years old and his name was Joe. he worked as hard as he could to become a knight. “When will I become a knight?” Joe said to his father. “When you are 14 and train harder>” his father said with a smiled. Joe smiled back then went back to his training. 3 years later Joe had become a knight! He was first a page then he had become a squire a year later then when he was 14, a knight! The queen, Queen Sarah, was the most famous queen that ever lived! Joe had worked hard for the queen. Joe did Battles and Jousting and ALWAYS won so the queen felt safe. Joe wore shining armour! 2 years later the castle got attacked but of course, Joe got on his horse and won the battle! Joe was proud. One day later his dad came up to Joe and said, “Son, you shall become a king!”. Joe hugged his dad and said thank you and left to become a king. He was the richest king ever. One day, Joe somehow lost money! Day by day he got more poor. He had to higher taxes. People started to leave the village and Joe was a peasant. 1 week later Joe’s dad came and saw how sad Joe was, not a knight, not a king, just a very poor man. Joe’s dad felt bad so he gave Joe money and everyone came back to the village! Joe’s dad walked away back to his kingdom. Queen Sarah was relieved! 5 years later, King Joe had 2 sons: Bob and Adam. he also had 2 daughters: Sarah and Bailey. His wife’s name was Amanda. Joe loved his family very much but in 2008, king Joe died at the age of 90. The End!!!!!

  3. Jonah says:

    Medieval times
    In the Medieval times there were kings that ruled that time and knights that protected the castle. But then one someone turned and it turned into a big battle. But this was no battle it was the biggest battle the medieval times has had and almost everyone died except for the knights. The leader of the knights was sir Jonah the great. The other knights they were up against knights from Europe. The captain of that team was sir bad bad man. But then a random knight came from behind the European knights and it was sir volcano man and he was the best knight that ever lived. But then a friend of sir Jonah the greats came. It was sir Kaiden the great. Sir Kaiden the great and sir Jonah the great were a good team together and then the battle started and it started by killing a European knight. Then it got way too aggressive and almost everyone died except for sir Jonah the great,sir Kaiden the great,sir volcano man and sir bad bad man. This was a even fight but it started off slow and then it got faster and faster until it got to fast and got to aggressive and sir bad bad man died. Now it was up to sir Jonah the great and sir Kaiden the great to beat sir volcano man. This was going to be a hard fight sir Jonah the great and sir Kaiden the great. But then they went charging at sir volcano and knocked him down. But then sir volcano man got back up and charged back at them but they dodged it. But sir Kaiden the great got cut by the tip of sir volcano man’s sword and he was too weak to fight. But sir Jonah the great was not. Sir Jonah the great was so mad that he charged at sir volcano man and put his sword into his body and he was dead. Sir Jonah the great and sir Kaiden the great named this battle the Volcano battle,and gave each other a high five and that was it. The end.

    • Ryan Babbs says:

      Your story has a beginning,middle and end. Your story makes sense and readers will be able to read it but it needs some improvement in some areas. You are making really good word choice and it is very humerus and I like it. I like your words like sir Jonah the great its funny to read. You can improve on it by making it more sense in some areas like who or something like that. I like your story and overall I like it.

  4. nathan says:

    Medieval Times.
    I learned about medieval times…
    I learned that kings queens rule and have the top spot and rule over the people. kings and queens started villages by getting villagers to do their bidding and give them a try too earn a spot on the battlefield as a knight also you would be or have a huge room in a castle. Being a knight is no ordinary job it is a right too be a knight anyway most of the people failed too become a knight so their all technically a peasant their the lowest rank of all people and a very sad job you have too work hard grow crops be peoples maids like knights,kings and queens servant you had too clean get food do chores and allot more you would be as tired as heck.In medieval times there were weapons like a mace,sword,bow,lances and more.
    That is mostly what i’ve learned this year.

  5. Grady Martin says:

    Battle Of Cheeseburger

    Once In Medieval Times There Was A Squire He Was Close To Being A Knight His Name Was Kaiden He Was Then 14 He Became A Knight He Was A Top Knight He Killed Hundreds Of Enemies In A Battle Once It Was Him Versus 15 He Almost Died But He Made It! Then He Started To Become Sick The Doctor Said He Had The Plague! He Went To The Castle And Found A Hatch To A Basement It Had The Cure For The Plague He Took It He Found Lots Of Gold He Showed His Brother They Made There Own Village A Battle Happened! Then Kaiden Died He Was Killed By A Assassin The Battle Went On Jonah Killed Most It Was Him Versus 10 He Killed 9 But The Last Battle Happened Jonah Was Stabbed 2 Times In The Arm Then A Castle Fell On The Enemy Jonah Was Ok Then He Told People To Help Build The Castle Again Then everything Was Ok Except A Knight Hopped Out Of A Bush And Stabbed Him Then He Was Shot In The Head With A Bow! The End

    • Kaiden K. says:

      Your story does not have a middle in your story. And you could improve on trying to make the story a little more aggressive but your story does make sense. The sentence where it says I had the black death it did not explain the story that much. And in the other sentence about the Dr there is no Dr in Medieval Times.

    • Ryan Babbs says:

      Grady you have a beginning and end but no middle.The story makes sense but in a couple parts its “OK”.You used lots of good word choice like the black plague I like it and how it is not people getting killed in a battle.To improve on your story I would put more detail into the battle like who won or something similar. Overall your story in funny and its pretty good!

  6. shyla says:

    The Dream

    One day in the medieval times there was a little girl named Karana and she was a peasant and their King had a announcement that they had to battle . She was scared very scared to battle.The day came and the whole village had to meet the king and queen to get prepared for the battle. The king went to the keep the night mounted all their horses The Peasants got ready and the archers grabbed their bows and arrows and we’re ready the king yelled ‘’there here’’ and everyone charged but Kanana was not dead after 1 hour of battling .As soon as one of the Nights died Karana took all of his weapons and fought the rest of the battle.When the Battle was Over the king and queen found out what she did and they asked her if she wanted to be an knight.She had a big decision to make and they gave her two weeks. After the first hour she decided to be a knight because she could get paid from the King and get land and she could share it with her family. Also she could fight for her Village. Her family was so proud of her for defending her Village as a knight. She was very proud of herself because she achieved her childhood dreams. 10 years later she became one of the best nights of her Village. She was the only girl knight.

  7. Ryan says:

    The Best Battle In The Times
    It happened once in medieval times when there was a peasant named Randel a knight named Josh and a king named Didi. It took place on July 18th 1033 three guys were important except for the peasant important when he gets older and the day. That day Didi saw another kingdom coming towards him. The other kingdom was the most powerful kingdom and they want Didi to Didi to die. Didi has played them before and lost almost all there people. The other king was king Richard and he has been the king for the last 10 years and everybody loves him. 1 minute later… The battle has started the peasants always go first and they did. Didi had 1,000 peasants and Richard had 1,100 it was a great battle until the archers came out people kept dying and dying. One of the greatest knights came out\ Ryan the unbeatable came out now more and more of richards peasants died. Ryan was doing the best until he got hit by a bow. He started bleeding right away but he stuck with it. Didi was the winner and Richard ran away but the archers hit him with a bow and he died. Didi had to find lots of more peasants for his next battle. Now he was ready for his next battle and he had the best deck ever like Ryan the unbeatable. Richard had the best deck and then Didi beat him now he has the best deck. It has been a long time since anyone has faced Didi. The reason why no one wanted to play Didi is because he had the best deck and the BEAST. Next day… Ryan had been practising on his horse jousting the target and made up words. The battle of Didi and Richard was so awesome that they called it The Best Battle In The Times. Ryan and his horse have improved so much he can become a knight oneday. Didi and his wife are both 60 years old and there probably gonna die soon. Ryan is such a good leader they called him the captain. Didi said Ryan your the king and then they got the black death. And Ryan was so cool he didn’t need a queen.

    • Jonah De Ruysscher says:

      Ryan you do have a beginning middle and end and your story does make sense but you don’t have that much descriptive words but it’s still good and you can improve by making more battling in it and make it more interesting. But overall it is really good.

  8. Madison says:

    It was the medieval period and the castle of harmony was being built! The castle of harmony was going to be the biggest and the greatest castle ever! King Alex owned the castle harmony that was still being built. King Alex had extremely strict rules! The knights and visitors had to obey all of his orders or the dongen it will be!!!! One time at is old castle one of his knights was in war and King Alex gave him an order and he did not obey and he went to visit the dongen and died! The castle of harmony was now done being built it took 3 years! King Alex’s wife Queen Olivia was inside the castle decorating. The queen was almost done decorating. Queen Olivia was now all done decorating, it was beautiful. Years went past fast, very fast it was now 6 years later and a battle was being fought Queen Olivia was inside sleeping in her royal bedroom!
    Olivia almost slept through the entire War. She is the coolest Queen ever!!! The war was called the Battle of Mc Vellas. The opposite sides team was being ruled by a queen! Two Queens, Queen Emma and queen Abby! Queen Abby was first famous Queen ever. And the famousest Queen ever! you can’t forget she was the oldest Queen that ever lived she was 101! Queen Emma was the least popular Queen she was pretty young she was only 22! Everybody thought Queen Emma is too young to be a queen, and it was true! As the war was going on King Alex’s side was winning. Alex was trying to get Queen Emma and Queen Abby! King Alex took a shot at Queen Emma but one of the Kight’s got in front of her and instead the Knight died! He shot another really fast shot at Queen Abby! King Alex got Queen Abby right in the throat! Queen Abby died!!!! Queen Emma was as mad as can be!!! Queen Emma gets a little too Mad and takes a big shot at King Alex and strikes him in in the stomach King Alex dies! Quickly Queen Emma’s siblings Lucas and Sophie run out from behind her carriage and kills 6 of King Alex’s Crews Knights! Sophie and Lucas quickly jump into the carriage with Queen Emma!In the castle sleepy Queen Olivia heard an enemy break in! Quickly she grabs weapons and uses a sword to kill the knight! she goes around the castle and locked all doors so she is safe. Queen Olivia went to hide in the keep just in case another enemy brakes and again. The war of Mc Vellas is over now! Queen Olivia and Queen Emma’s team all team up to be another team ruled by 2 queens! All the knights on each team all get used to each other and all get along! Each Knight got to choose another knight to share a bedroom with! Queen Olivia and Queen Emma have a really nice door that connects there bedrooms together! There were also a movie theater installed to the castle when it was being built so they all had slumber parties and lived happily ever after! Until next WAR!!! THE END!!!!!

    • Abigail R! says:

      Use H.P.S as a castle! Nice! Since Harmony is a place, it needs to be capitalized. When you say brakes and again, I think you meant to say breaks in again. Nice beginning, middle, and end! Some spelling mistakes but I was able to figure out what you meant to say!

  9. Justin says:

    In 1069 there was a disease and it was called the Black Death spread by rats spread all around the United Kingdom then all the sudden I seen my friend Ethan died by a rat and then I ran for my life then I seen the Queen die so then I went And in the castle and then I stole the gold and diamonds but then then I try to escape the knights stopped me I tried to battle but they got me but I escaped so then I heard that my dad died so then I’m like well my whole family died So then I almost died by a rat but then I ran away then I ran into someone so I told him to run or else he would die by a pack of rats. So then the rats got tired and they stopped. I went back home then I went to sleep.

    • Grady Martin says:

      Yes The story has a beginning and middle and end!

      The Story Kinda Makes Sense!

      I Think The Word Choice For You Could Be A Little Better!

      You Can Maybe Make The Story More Interesting But You Can Maybe More To This Story

      And That IS My Feedback To Justin

    • Jonah De Ruysscher says:

      Justin there was a beginning middle but not that good of a ending so you should improve on that. The story makes sense in some parts but in other parts it doesn’t. You don’t have descriptive words. But to improve you should add more detail. But overall it is pretty good.

    • wade says:

      Justin, you have a fair story. Perhaps one of the things you can do is improve your word choice to make your story more descriptive and add more details to make your story more complete.

  10. Ethan says:

    When I was born there was a disease in the air it was called the black death. People got it from rats then when I looked around I saw my mom with the Disease and it was on her. she die in front of my eyes it was sad.Then 16 years later when I was 18 I was the king of England I rolled my whole entire Kingdom by myself then I got attacked by the Germans They destroyed my whole entire Kingdom and they took me and put me in there dungeon I couldn’t escape but they tortured me for my rest of my life.Then when the guard was sleeping I stole the keys them I unlock the cage so I could get out then I went out to where the king and queen sit and then I stab them in the heart For the kingdom that they destroyed of mine and for everybody that I lost And they’re the ones who put the rat in mine In my kingdom and that’s how I saw my mom died and I wanted Revenge so I got revenge Then I became the king of that pallet and everybody loves me and one day when I went outside for a walk I saw this lovely lady and I told her it would you like to be my queen and she said I would love to and then me and her married for the rest of my life and then we had a baby I had to take my sword and cut her stomach open then let her heal it to get the baby out and when I got the baby oh I had to decorate the room that I had the baby in The Palace That’s the baby had a very bad disease it was called a flu and then she died because of it and it was very very very sad for me and my life and then when I went outside I got stabbed in the back by a dagger cuz I saw something in the dark.

    The end

  11. wade says:

    In a very sunny day There was a jousting tournament this person was going to try to when I don’t think tournament trophy but there’s this guy he always lost Against him but this time he says I’m he apractice practice practice practice practice but this time he said okay I’m going to win the trophy with her this year. And that everyone everyone in bed it was him with the other guy but the other guy couldn’t do it Because he got beat up the other top so now it has to be another guy versus another guy and then it would be Big George Versus Sr. wade. Sr. wade said it Going to be hard to be big George He had to be on one more person before he can go on to Sr. wade .Before the other person’s name is Sr. Jackson Jackson beat Big George Sr. Wade Beat Sr Jackson Wade came off his horse And said I one.We got a really good armor with the designs Jackson did not get good armor .

  12. Emma k says:

    There once was a poor village with lots of poor people.there was a princess named ava .she was walking one of the poor people wanted her crown,so he took the princess she was took
    Down to the persons house.it was the black deaths.the black death was scary he took the crown.he put the princess in his bed and give her medicine the medicine made her sleepy.then the black death ran arwary the king was looking for her and the Queen emma and mike were looking for the princess.they had prince kaiden with them.so they put sir kaiden out on the lookout.it took sir kaiden not long to find her because she smelled like flowers. They brout her to the casles to the people and everybody was happy

  13. nathan says:

    Medieval Times.
    Once upon a time there was a handsome king named gold silver he was so strong he was a war fighter he fought 400 times he won every time he led his army too win over u.s.a canada and all over half the globe he was so nice he gave the u.s too the other half globe but not their army they cep the army for ruin he died because of and assassin that lived their he killed gold silver’s army 1 2 3 all his troops wear gone he lost and that is where nobody works together they have their own rules but there were still cities and stuff that is how the world is today

  14. mikayla says:

    One day a cow got in the castle And the King got really angry at the knights for letting a cow in the castle. He went to go ask the knights why they let a cow in. The night said they didn’t let a cow in. that made the King really really angry. one of the night’s tried to change the subject and said isn’t it time for Dinner. A couple other knights said I think it is time for dinner. We will be talking about who let the cow in after dinner. After lunch the king forgot about the cow. but then the next morning when he was having breakfast there was no food because the cow ate it all. The king tried to get rid of the cow but the cow just did not move. So the king went to go get the knights to remove the cow from the castle. all the knights tried but one and the cow wouldn’t move. The last night figured out that it was actually a painting on the wall nobody knew who painted it on the wall but it was not a real cow. and the reason all the food was gone was because the king ate it all for dinner.

  15. seth says:

    On a sunny day King Emmett was angry because he was robbed by his own son. And he had to make it his head came off the cupcake maker said you should be ashamed of yourself deserve to be murdered. the king got mad I’m going to the knite Who cut his head off. a knite used his sword . then King Emmett said that he was super upset and he was not going to cut his son’s head off. Later that year King named King ET dodo came and said that he was going to try and take over the castle.Then King Emmett was beat ever the castle and went over to a little cave where he tried to plan his attack. Then he went to the castle and started to fight he got the king and got his castle back rightfuly But then a couple years later on night came and he said he was from the castle that attack before he said that he wanted to be on their side King Emmett was not sure what to say he said yes and if he was trying to attack anybody our men he would be put in the dungeon and tortured. many years later he was still being good and he was still helping the other night he had become a black night at this castle in the old one he was one of the lowest night. This night loved his new job and he was trying to become the best there was one night ahead of his name was Sir Lancelot this Knights name was Serge olst. Later then He became number 1 and Sir Lancelot wanted to be number one still so they did a joust the one that one would be number one and the other one who died. The end

    • wade says:

      Your story is pretty good but your jousting contest is a little hard to understand because I am not sure who won?

  16. trayvon says:

    The Monk
    Once there lived A monk In a house he was very very poor then one day he said off to go find some more money and food .One day he found this Place where you could stay or the night in the morning he was set off to go find some more money and food that night the monk had a dream his dream was to be rich. So his dad told him that when his father dies he could help the king so from that day on he Practice since he was old enough .
    It has been 14 years later.he is old enough to help the king.he was Excited to help the king he is not Poor Anymore .he took a Practice be for he went off to the Kingdom .he was Very Nervous. Then he walk in the kingdom there was the king He said in a quiet voice The nice red Shining Armor they were getting ready to practice in battle So they had a horse and then the night he ran into one night by an accident he bumped into one and the night said you’re too little to join us and a little Monk said I am old enough to join the king my father was helping the king Stuff my father said I could help the key when I was old enough. The night Looks angry.
    He walked over to the king I said what are we doing today and the King says we’re just practicing today. So then we went outside to go to the course we practice and practice For a few months then the time has come the boy turn 18 Years old. He practiced every day for a few hours when he got home he was always tired .Then the time has come when he Went to battle The King was very very proud of the kid. Then They went To the weapon room and then they got all their weapons and armor and then they went to battle then some died there’s a few people left. They lost battle there was only 5 people left over then they all went to go protect themselves . Then the monk went Back to the kingdom. then years has passed then he was old enough then he got married.When The king Surprised the monk with a Sword The Monk looks so happy.Because when the Kings father died the little monk got to be the king his wife got to be the queen of the castle. when he has kids of his own he’s going He is going to give his son the crown I need him to come to cron.
    he’s going to give his son the cron.

  17. taylor says:

    golden knights They won the battle of the sand which and his name was jeffery his nick name was jeffy he was a knight was one day he was 19 a knight he trained and trained one day he had a team 84 people in it the was battle of the sand which it was the goodest battle in town mideval times storyit it was called the golden knights They won the sword,bow and arrow,shield and his name was jeffery his nick name Once there was a peasant he was the youngest peasant in town.he wanted to see the knights,queen and king.he always pretended that row up and he was 19 years old.he go me was jeffy one day he was a knight he trained and trained one day he had a team 84 people in it

    • Madison Morden says:

      After reading this story I noticed that I did not identify a clear beginning middle and end! This story did not make sense because your story started with golden knights and I do not understand what the golden knights are! Also before you published this comment you should’ve checked over your punctuation and capitals! I also found a few spots were you did not add a space!

    • Abigail R! says:

      Capitals are not at the beginning of your sentences! A space goes after a punctuation! Names have capitals at the beginning also! When you say goodest, it is best. Goodest is not a word! No problem in your story!

  18. Kaiden says:

    Medieval Times
    In the dark Forest there was a little boy named Cabello He had a lot of problems with his Lungs. He had to take medicine every hour. Play he met his dad and told him that he had problems with his lungs and his dad said have you took any medicine yet,He said yes I have to take it every hour. His dad said that’s good have a good day riding on his horse. Then he met another kid named Camelio. Emilio had the Black Death. The Black Death is a disease that kills 30 to 60% of Europe. And Camelio was European,He was almost dead. 5 Years Later. Cabello had the Black Death and he died and his friend Camelio made a song called Havana. Of course it was horrible but it was a song about Cabello and how he died. Cabello died because of Black Death. After Camelio made Havana he died and everyone remembered him forever. And that was the end.

  19. Caitlyn W says:

    One day there was a knight’s daughter her name was Olivia. And she really wanted to be a knight when she grew up. But she knew that would never be allowed. But she always dreamed that someday woman would be able to be knights. So she practiced every day all day and she mom her watch it everyday. And if she fell asleep she would have to watch it all over again. She would have to watch it all over again. And she even made her own wooden sword and wooden spear. And through the spear at a trees for practice. And she practiced hitting trees with her wooden sword. Then she started to make more wooden weapons. She made a mace with no spikes and some arrows using a stick and a rock with no sharp end. Olivia lived in a little house near the castle where her dad works. Olivia dreamed of what it would be like to live in a castle and what it was like to wear knights armour. Olivia knew how important it was for the knight to protect the king and castle. Years passed and Olivia was now twenty and her dream came true. Women are allowed in battle. Olivia is one of the kings favourite knights and one of the best knights. THE END.

  20. Nicholas says:

    There was a peasant that lived in the dark of the castle walls that wanted to be a knight but the king said no. then she went to show the king that she can be a knight. He has 2 weeks to show the king that she can become a knight show me that you can knock down the fake knight. Now show me that you can give the knight the weapons in battle you are a knight. Get ready there’s a battle coming all knights go to the front and all archer.

  21. Jackson H says:

    One sunny day a peasant met a night the peasant fell and the night cote him. The peasant seed what is your name. the night seed his name was sir.Lancelot. Then sr.Lancelot seed dow you won’t to become a night the peasant seed yes sir.Lancelot seed we start tomorrow.they did training for many days finale he was sir.jon.he started his training there was one night that was beater then him. He asked the king What you can do to defeat the king said you can use the serpent move.the Next battle to use the serpent move On Wade the buffoon Then he beat him and became a night.

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