A Panto of the Three Musketeers at the Stirling Festival Theatre

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Students from grades 4-8 attended the Stirling Theatre to watch the Panto of the Three Musketeers. In class, students took the opportunity to reflect on the play and write a critical review.

Learning Goal: we will write a review and point of view about an event and make suggestions and recommendations for improvements.

Success Criteria: 

  • Retell the story
  • What did you like about the play? Why?
  • What did you not like about the play?
  • What would you change in the play to improve? Why?
  • Who would you recommend the play too? Why?

17 Responses to “A Panto of the Three Musketeers at the Stirling Festival Theatre”

  1. Taylor says:

    If I Saw The Three Musketeers
    If I saw The Three Musketeers I think it would be about three friends that always stuck together.One day another girl wanted to join but they said no because they where the 3 Musketeers. They later realized that they made a wrong choice.Some things I like to see in a panto play. I think the most important thing is that it needs to be funny,kids like funny. It should have lots of audience participant. I don’t want to see a spaced out play,like you have to wait to change scenes or a boring play where you just sit through the hole play. I like an interesting play not a boring one. Someone I would recommend this kind of play to my mom she likes funny plays and any thing to do with traveling. I would also recommend it to my friend Kiley she likes the same things as my mom.

  2. Nicholas says:

    I did not see the panto The three musketeers,but if i saw the play i would see a beginning middle and end also a problem and the problem being solved into a solution.If i saw the three musketeers i would think it would be about three musketeers that go up against a villain and the musketeers win the battle and the villain loses.If i saw the three musketeers i would expect to see at least 1-5 characters and a hero and a villain.What i don’t want to see like killing or inappropriate things.if i could tell someone to see this show i would tell davin hudson my dad and my mom they like funny things and the guy that dresses up as a woman!

  3. Craig says:

    The three musketeer were Oshawa Whitby and Ajax well Darlington trying to become a musketeer.The castle is dived in hath belongs to the evil count well the offer half queen with little William and the made.My favret part is wen the count dances.I did not like wen the queen heirs little William. Wat I would add to the play is to have some characters for the counts army .I would recommend the play to people that do fencing because there is a lot of fencing.

  4. Jordan says:

    The there musketeers

    In the Beginning of the three musketeers the three really musketeers were gone and the were three more Oshawa Whit pee and A Jakes but one other girl wonted to be a musketeer.Middle they traned darlay to fight menwielly the count was planning to take over the king dum. Finally the musketeers fot the count then the count and the queen got mareyed.What I liked about the play I like Oshawa because one he is nise two he was funny because he thout he was smart but he isn,t because he could not she something that was bhind him.what I didn,t like about the play was that the joke were bad because in the old days there was no internet and on cars.In this play I would chang the war because in the book there was no war and on bad guy named the count.I would recommend this play to my frined rider because when he get older he wonts to be a ater

  5. Eva says:

    The three musketeers put in a fourth musketeer to help . Because the queen said their is a count which is the bad person and the queen needed the three musketeers to stop the count . The three musketeers were also in the woods looking for a bad person and then they found a monster in those woods but then the three musketeers found the count and beginning to fight but at the end the war was done and then they were friends .
    The thing that I liked most about the play is when the count sings a song with a loly pop and he starts liking it . And he put is lag up like he was running and signing at the same time like a girl . What I did not like about the play is when the people came out of the exit thing it scared me and some of my class they just ran out and scared me . They also did it on both sides left and right . But I did not like was when the count took over the kingdom . I think they should change it when the count took over the kingdom that is not good . the count did not like any one he was really mean to everyone . When the count was singing in every ones faces really loud it hurt my ears . I would like to recommend this play too small families that do not have much . i would see the play and they could have food and drinks and some good family times .

  6. davin says:

    This was a really fun and funny play. First, there was a girl named Darlington and she wanted to be a musketeer and then she asked the musketeers Ajax Whitbey and Oshawa if she could become one so they had a talk and then they thought she would help to fight the count so they trained her to be a good musketeer. Finally, the count wanted to have a fight for the kingdom then the battle field was the crowd and then the count and the queen and whitby and Oshawa and Ajax and Darlington fell in love and so did the maid and Williams. And then it was a happily ever after.

  7. Emma says:

    The Three Musketeers
    On November 25th 2014 Harmony public school went to a play at the Stirling theatre. At the theatre we saw The Three Musketeers the play was about three musketeers named Ajax, Oshawa,and Whitby and there was the count he had to divide the castle with the queen because the queens husband named Hans and Hans who was the queens husband was the counts brother and also this new girl came into town named Darlington and she wanted to be a Musketeer she a lady named Mary she was a maid she told Mary maid that her mom was a Musketeer and her grandma was a musketeer so she wanted to carry on that tradition so she asked Mary maid to tell her to find A-Jax,Oshawa,and Whitby in the secret forest to find them and so when she found them they agreed to train her and she had to run a bit and she ran in to the maid again and the queen told the maid to send the musketeers and the maid told Darlington to tell the other Musketeers that the Count wants war. This is what I thought was very funny in the play.It was funny when the count asked us a question and we said NO then he said fine then I’ll just shake it off then he started dancing to Shake It Off by:Taylor Swift. I really liked everything I would not change anything I liked everything about the play but while the play was going on people poped out of the curtain and scared me.Well I would not change anything in the play it was so good. I would recommend this play to my mom because she loves Panto’s because there funny.

  8. hudson says:

    The Three Musketeers

    A girl wanted to join the Three Musketeer. Her name was Darlington. But the Three Musketeers told her that she had to train to become one. The Musketeers have a battle and the count who wanted to take over the castle finally decided to be good guy. One of the things I like about the play was the battle because it was funny. The Musketeers had funny swords when they battled. What I did not like about the play was when the count joined the good side because I was not expecting that and it was surprising. If I could change something in the play I would make sure the count stayed bad because the play need to have a

  9. shealyn says:

    The three Musketeers save the day and also save the queen! But one day the queen and count fell in love and Musketeers married and lived together!
    I liked the Count because he would call the audience babies and had a funny!
    the count could work on his accent because you could hear it slip when I said slip I mean you could hear his normal voice!
    I would recommend Renee because she can change her voice to any voice!She is a singer ! she could blow peoples minds!Also she is a good person and you can trust her to do something right!

  10. shea says:


    The 3 musketeers was better than I thought. It was awesome how they had real swords. I also like Ajax because he is funny. I like when the Cleaning lady walked out at the beginning of the play. Also liked when the count walked out the side door. I also liked when William fell down the hole. I did not like the lights because it got in my eyes. I did not like the music. I did not like the loud girl. I would change the loud girl. I would change the music. I would change the lights. I most relate to the count because I am rood to my brother. I would give this story to Davin or Rylee because they are humorus like the play. They are also rude. they are mean like the count.

  11. raimi says:

    The three musketeers

    First Darlington was finding the musketeers and when she found the musketeers they said she can join them .
    So she was training . After she made it she becomes a
    musketeers.Then the count was try to break the castle
    and join it but it did not work the maid was the only one to clean the counts house.At last they found who they like.
    My favorite part is when they sing shake it off and when they where fighting and when the count was licking the lolly pop.I recommend it to my friend because she dress up and likes to act.It should change it where Whitby yells so loud.

  12. josh says:

    The Three Musketeers
    I was going to The Three Musketeers with my friends. The Three Musketeers were going to protect the princess from the count and his army. They were going to takeover the other side of the castle. The count has one side and the queen has the other side. The Three Musketeers will stop the count and his plot to steal the other half of the castle.The part I liked was the end when the good guys try to catch count and his army from destroying the castle. I liked it because they acted really funny at the end. I loved the whole thing. this part was the hardest for me to write. I really liked the whole play. I disliked that it was over. My favorite character was the tree monster. I only saw him in one scene. I think he should have put the tree monster in more scene. I recommend this play to my parents because when they saw how much I liked it they wanted to go see a panto to.

  13. Michael says:

    The Three Musketeers.There was a cleaning lady at the start of the play.There were the three musketeers Oshawa,Ajax and Whitby.There was also the count and the queen.They were not happy to split the kingdom.The count wanted to take over both kingdoms.

    My favourite part of the play is when the three musketeers went in a scary forest with a monster in it.When the monster came out the audience had to yell.The monster kept on running away.Finally the monster got spotted by all the musketeers.

    I didn’t like the part in the play when everyone was yelling and booing in the middle of the play. I think that the play would go faster if you didn’t boo at the characters.I didn’t like the booing because it almost gave me a headache.

    I would change the booing because it is too loud.It would go faster if they took out the booing.

    If I could recommend this play to someone it would be my grandma because my grandma used to watch the show and liked it.

  14. rylee says:

    The Three Musketeer

    First the musketeers were practicing fighting and then there was a girl named Darlington she wont to be one but had to train there can be only be 3 musketeer.

  15. Jacob says:

    Harmony went to a play on the 25 of november and we left at 10:30AM for it in the morning and then we got on the bus and went to the Stirling theater and when we got there everybody got settled down and we started the play and then the maid came out, here came darling ton also she said “i want to become a musketeer and want to tell them that she said and then she met the musketeers and began training darling ton then became a musketeer and then they fought the count and won agenst count the end.

  16. jacob says:

    The three musketeers.
    A woman want to be a musketeer. but she did not know how. to do it so the three musketeers A-jax Ohawa WHITBY.So they had to train DARLINGTON to be a musketeer and going against the count.

    What did you like about the play.
    I like the seen and the Characters and other.

    What you did not like about the play.the queen was a boy and theirs should only 4 of them.
    What wood change in the play.
    I wood change the queen and the seen.

    I will recommend this to Emma because its funny.

  17. nathan says:

    One day there was a country lady who wanted to be a musketeer.one day her dream came true .She found agaks whit pee and oshowa.she then became a musketeer after five days of training. After that the four musketeers defeated the evil count. the queen and the count lived married and they lived happily ever after.my favorite character was the count because he is funny. My favorite funny thing about the count is when he sings shake it of and is funny with the lolly pop and is stuttering because of it. I do not like how you use a boy as a girl.I do not like the five minuit brake. I did not like how whit pee was so crazy. I recommend this play to my sister because she likes queens and silly things. And there is queens and silly things and she likes music and songs.

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