Reflections and Goal Setting for Next September

By , June 26, 2013 3:11 pm

Student in our class had the opportunity to reflect on their academic year and make goals for September. Please read the many posts!

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  1. stephanie45v says:

    Over, the school year at Harmony there have been many things that I will remember and here are some of them. At, the beggining of the year I was really nervous just because it was grade 5 and everything but I was happy I got the same teacher as the last year. As, it got through the year I was really suprised that I got all A’s which I’ve never gotten before and I was so happy about that. I accomplished many things through out the year like improving in math which was one of my goals and doing better in gym too. Those were my goals for this year, some of my goals for next year are to do even better. This year I met new people like Sheridan who I wasn’t really friends with became my friend. I had many memories such as building my project for social studies which was so fun! And throwing that party for Tanner5 was really fun too! Bu t, most of all I liked building the snow fort in the winter. I really liked this year and I think a lot of other people will too

  2. josh5v2012 says:

    The school year in grade 5 was alot of fun. Some of my accomplishments was making my BIG temple of zeus,also, being up to date on my blog and also making it to grade 5!!!!! I remeber when I won the respect terriffic kids award, I remember rock and read a thon, that was very fun!!! Some of my goals I want to work towards are to get googd marks on work in grade 6, I also want to work on 200m, 100m, and 400m for track and field. Im proud of the accomplishment when I got 1st in 200m, 2nd in long jump, and 3rd in triple jump!!!!! That was my… pretty much summary about the school year!!! P.S., Cant wait to see you all next year!!!!!!!

  3. ALEX says:

    it was awesome because you get a new new teacher next year and p.s p.s p.s Harmony

  4. JOHNATHAN says:

    I remember at the beginning I was very exited. I was exited because I wanted to learn new things. through out the year my favorite subject although I have was gym . some of my goals from next year is to be better at math. At the end of the year I am going to a new school . I will still miss this school though

  5. heidi5v2012 says:

    This year I have done/learned lots of things. I learned lots of things in math like how to draw a tessalation and how to use a protracter in geometry and much more. I have accomplished one of my goals and that was going to district for track and field. Another goal of mine is getting the terrific kid award. My goal for next year is to place in district (like get a ribbon) and to get at least a 80% average. I have a lot of memories from school some of them are on the first day of school at recess everyone was playing tag, I decided to play tag it was kind of wet outside and I was running away from Ben and then I slipped…at least I never got caught. Another good memorie was when we were doing drama and Lana threw a water bottle at the floor (it was a part of the play) and it exploded on me and Alicia. Next year I want to work a little harder in math and study a little more. This was my year at H.P.S.

  6. katie5v2012 says:

    The goals i have achieved are working harder every year and also i have achieved getting my work done on time. I am still working on a few achievements like i can try to work a little harder on math. I have done a lot of things like i have made a sphinx out of things i found around my house.Also,my group and i have made a project to protect an egg. Some memories of things this year when i was in french we would always play games when the period was almost over. My favorite memory is the first day of school and my other favorite day is the last day of school.The accomplishments i am prod of is going to grade six. The goals i would like to work on in the new school year is math and writing. The memory i really like is when i first came to school at harmony.

  7. Avery says:

    Over the year at harmony a lot of things that I have learned from my peers and my teacher! But I did have trouble with a few subjects that lowered my grades but my peers have helped me understand the problem. My accomplishments are…, well first that I made it though this year witch I never thought would happen (Not saying that’s a bad thing)! Second, that I made it through track and field and did pretty well but I got no ribbons though. Next, I loved that I used up 1 hole doubting and 2 hole notebooks witch I never thought I would do that! Some memories were yesterday June .25,2013 because my hole class got ice cream sandwiches I think to celebrate the last day of school! Another, is we got our report cards back on that day too! Also, to connect onto that on June .24,2013 my friend Owen ate a popsicle when are hole class got some and he was almost finished his popsicle but he dropped it on the floor and me and him and other people in the classroom started laughing there heads off! My goals are….. well only one actually I will try to do better and understand math better but I did pretty good! This is my school report on my grade 5 at Harmony Public School!!

  8. ben5v2012 says:

    This year was really fun! This are my achievements and goals from the school year. First, I learned many new things, like metric conversions. Also, I learned a lot about alcohol abuse. Plus, building that class snowfort was awesome. Another thing that was fun was the Rock and Readathon and the trip to Queens. I’ve had lots of fun with friends. One of my goals is to get better at math. I wish we had school sports this year. Harmony is a great school.

  9. Ethan says:

    Over the couse of the school year some goals that i’v set and achieved would be to get better at all subjects such as GYM, music, social studies, science, drama, french, math, health, reading and writing all of that stuff and I think iv done that. Another goal that iv set and achieved would be to make all of the sports teams and iv done that the teams were both long and short distance relay and track and field and I also placed top 3 in every thing(there are only 3 because when the teachers went on strike they took our sports away in the running of it). Some goals that I would set for next year would be similar to the ones i set this year except I would like to get more involved in the school.
    I also think i’v learned a lot havening Mr.Vella as a teacher and i hope he has a good year were ever he is going. I also need to tell all of you viewers that this will be my last blog post in 2013 well at least until the school year ends. So this is my write up on my 2013 school year.

  10. tessa5v2012 says:

    This year has been a really great year .The first thing that I want to say is that my classmates have been such a motivation to me.They make e feel like i can do everything because they know that i can.Also i think that i have grown as a person because i find my self at a good spot where i am.I feel like i have grown also because people can come to me with a problem an i will try my hardest to help them.I have accomplished a lot this year I have won a terrific kids award for organization.Also i have got to ASG for 400 m,800 m and 1500 m.There are so meany memories like when we through a party for tanner because he was leaving.We also made a snow fort in the winter.things that i want to get to next year is to work on math and to try to get on the running team’s again.

  11. madeline45v says:

    The school year is almost over, and our class has made so many memories together! We made projects together like the egg protector, and the ‘ Fantastic Mr . Fox ‘ Movies! I will Go To Gr.6 Next year, and i hope I’m with all my friends!

    This year and last year, I got 2nd place in high jump, And next and all the other years, I’m going to try do the same.We only went on 1 field trip, That I remember Anyways, But it was so much fun! I think it was my favourite field trip I’ve been on, this year, and last year! I have made lots of new friends like Ethan And Heidi! This year has been a lot of fun, And I will Miss The Class!

  12. owen says:

    Over the school year I have grown as a person and made new friend’s. I’m proud of achieving my goals. I’m proud of how I did in math and science.I hope I can try out for soccer next year. I would like to try to get better marks in social studies. I have had the best memories that I have ever had. Me and my new friend Ethan would play kick ball and grounders. But my favorite was manhunt. I’m proud of how much I have tried on all the subjects that I have trouble on. I have made two new friends Ethan and Heidi. I am very happy how this year turned out. It’s all fun at Harmony.

  13. damian5v2012 says:

    Over the year there was great memories. First there was one when we were in drama. We were doing a skit and in my group there was Alex, Chloe, Kaitlyn, Katie and me. Chloe said “It is not fair to let him have more time”! Then I said “Are you the teacher in the class”? Then everyone laugh even Mr. Vella! Another memory is when Lana chucked a water bottle at Alica and Heidi! Another is when I went to Wellington for long distance relay with Owen, Ethan, Jake and Caleb and we grab a 4th place ribbon. Hear are some of the goals that I would like to get and already got. One that I want is to get straight A’s. One that is a good one is going to SG for Track and Field. Hear is an accomplishment; I got terrific kid. I would like to get better in arts. This is my school year.

  14. Elissa says:

    Oh my goodness I cant believe the school year of gr.5 is almost over! this year was os much fun. have made so many great friends and have learned as a person to let things go and to always put 110% into everything that matters to me. I have achieved many things including getting straight a’s two times on my first and second semester report cards! And getting 2nd in triple jump and shot put. Going to asg and getting 3rd in triple jump! Some goals I’m going to be working forward to are to keep my desk clean and organized. Some important memories I had this year are doing media class with Mr .manning like playing with ipads but sadly Mr.Manning is retiring this year! also some more memories are going to queens university sports camp to play games and sports including wheelchair basketball and water polo. I also loved when we did art with salt and water. And especially making a snow fort with the class! I as lo had so many fun memories with my friends like cleaning up Amy’s track and garden! it feels good to do good things! And making dance with my friends to Justin Biebers and Nicki Minaj’s beauty and a beat. I do have many more memories but of course I cant say them all! I think I had a great year did lots of good work and had lots of fun with my friends. So overall I had a great year! What about you?

  15. chloe5v2012 says:

    This school year was awesome! I had so much fun in grade five! I’m sad that it’s almost over, but I’m happy its almost over too! There are some goals I’ve achieved throughout the school year, and there are some I want to make/accomplish next year to. First, I’ve actually achieved keeping my desk clean, wow, I can’t believe I just said that! Anyway, I also achieved getting in a good study habit, because usually I would study once or twice, but this year I studied REALLY hard, and I’m really proud because for high school, collage or university I wanted to get in a good study habit, so I could have an amazing future, the future of my DREAMS. Well that’s enough dreaming, let’s get back to reality! This school year was ALSO amazing because this year we had new students, two boys and a girl, and lucky for me they were all in my class, so I really got to know the girl and now she’s one of my best friends! I thought grade five would be hard, but really it’s just like grade four. And I remember last year I was just like “grade four is easy, it’s JUST like grade three!” Some of my school memories of this year are: This year was my first year of having this blog and I love posting things and I really do love the blog! Also, In the Winter our class make a huge snow fort as an example of cooperation, and I loved that example it was SO fun! And the pictures of it are still on the class blog! Another memory is when our class goes outside and we play soccer baseball, it’s really fun to! The last two memories are recently and in one of them, we did this kind of “egg project” where we drop a structure that we made and there is an egg inside, and we have to make the egg safe, and guess what? My group failed! The egg splattered EVERYWHERE inside the structure! The last memory is today, when i was writing this, and we got…. ICE CREAM SANDWHITCHES!!! Yum! But by the time I post this it would have been yesterday. Oh and thats my favorite food by the way! Some goals I want to achieve are: To try to keep my grades up! Because this year I had really good grades, and I want to keep up the good work! Another goal is to try not to be all uptight because when I hand in work it has to be PERFECT. And when I say perfect I mean perfect! This year has been outstanding! I hope I have this much fun next year, and I have a blog!

  16. jodi5v2012 says:

    Over the school year at Harmony in the grade 5 year of 2012-2013 I was in Mr.Vella’s class I had a really good experience and I had fun!! I have done a lot of things and I have really changed and have made the change to become a better person. I wouldn’t really change anything about the school year it was pretty great! I wouldn’t have been able to get through the school year by myself I had the help from the great friends, school mates and my teacher Mr.Vella .He was a great teacher and he made things easy to understand! Although I may not have always been on his good side all the time he still was there to teach me and make me understand! I have achieved goals in the school year and I am really proud of myself .Some of the goals that I have achieved are some that I am very proud of I’ll explain all of them! One of my goals that I have achieved were in my subjects I have been doing very well in them I have tried my hardest at all of them, I was so proud of myself when I saw my report cards I got straight A’s in all of my subjects I was so proud with that accomplished goal!! Also another goal that I have accomplished is in the sporting events that we had at all this year we never had that many this year because of the strike thing but still I still participated in all the events like : long distance, short distance, track and field at school, ASG(which I’m still not sure what that means), district! I am very happy with all the ribbons that I have now I have 14 ribbons in total!!! Also another accomplished goal of mine would be being the friend I can be plus even if I’m not friends with someone or we just don’t talk that much when we would talk I always am nice and polite to that person and I just was really proud of myself because I’ve learned a lot of lessons this year about life and I have just tried to improve myself on those lessons that I’ve learned and now I would like to say I am the best person that I can be I’m not some other person that I’m not either I’m just me and the school had helped me become that person! Also I am proud of my writing and that it has really improved from last year plus because of Mr. Vella had made us write a lot it made me think more of what I am putting into what I`m writing and because I put such thought into what I am writing it made me realize that when I`m older I want to be a journalist or a columnist!! A goal for next year is I want to improve on saying more answers in the class if the teacher asks a question because usually know the answer but I just lack on saying them so for next year I would like to give more answers in the class! Some memories of this year is hard to pick just a few because there is a lot of good memories but I`ll just pick a few! One memory of this year that I can think of right now was meeting all the new people in my class which was Heidi and Ethan and just seeing all the people from the years before that was a good memory! Plus another memory is when my friend Sheridan and I were so excited to get our first of this year report card every time we would go in to the class we would go “Yes!“ and that was a funny fun memory! Also the last memory that I will explain of this year is when we went to Queens University it was fun in the fist place but it was so so so funny when Madeline had her epic fail in racket ball it was so funny that I literally like almost fell to the ground laughing!! That was my year in Mr.Vella`s class of 2012-2013 was like!

  17. Mrs. Vella says:

    Dear students,
    I just want to let you know how much fun Mr. Vella had teaching you this year. He has told me many stories about you all. He has been so impressed with how hard you have worked. Mr. Vella has told me how well you all work together as a team or on your own. Mr.Vella has great memories of your year in Grade 5 together. I hope that you all have a great summer and much success in Grade 6! You are now ready for the next challenge.
    May the force be with you,
    Mrs. Vella

  18. dylan5v2012 says:

    I think the school year was fun. we got to do a lot of fun things. Also, this year I have got a lot more better at math. I think that is a good accomplishment. One memories is one week monday was a p.a. day tuesday was a school trip wednesday was track and field day thursday was nothing and FRIDAY WAS A P.A. DAY. I think 3 goals should be 1. get better in math. 2. try not to get in trouble. 3. get better in French.

  19. lana says:

    This is what I have done in this school year. I help with the terrific kid’s so the people that do the terrific kid’s gave me a free milkshake for Reid’s Dairy. I learned how to get on top of the monkey bar’s and how to do a front and back flip on the monkey bar’s. I also got to dance at celebration of dance I dance up front with my friend’s. My friend’s and I were doing a drama play and I though the water bottle at the ground in our play and the cap came off. I got my friend wet and made a big puddle. In science we did an experiment of how to protect an egg and I was the one who dropped the egg in our structure and the egg did not brake we were very happy.

  20. Sheridan says:

    Oh my gosh it is the end of the school year of grade 5. And next ill be in grade 6. First, some accomplishments that I have achieved are that I wanted to be a milk monitor and when the regular milk monitors were doing EQAO I filled in for then. It was so much fun. Next, some memories are that this one time there was a fly on my water bottle and I hit my water bottle and It fell of my desk and it broke. And when we were at Queens University we played racket ball and I want to play it when I get older.And I also got to sit beside two of my best friends in class Elissa and Alexa. Last, some goals that I have are to get a 1st 2nd or 3rd ribbon in track and field. One other goal I want is to get a’s and maybe b’s on my report card. When I started school this year math was hard for me but now it is easy and a little fun. And this is what I have to say about my school year in grade 5.

  21. riley5v2012 says:

    Here are some of the some of the things I have done in the past school year. First some of my goals that i achieved where that in the gym when we where practicing high jump I jumped right over the bar. Also another goal was is when we where at queens and in hockey I got a goal. Some of my memories of the school were well first one of them were when we were presenting our play on alcohol and Lana threw a water bottle down at Heidi and Alica and splashed them a little bit. Also another memory is when it was PJ day and Mr. McFadden was wareing Pjs and it was funny. Some accomplishments that I am proud of well one of them were in track and Field i came in 3rd in 100m in the Finals

  22. alexa5v2012 says:

    There are many goals, accomplishments and things that I will remember and reflect back on as I grow up. First, I will tell you about my accomplishments. some of my accomplishments are in track and field. This year for track and field I sighed up for 3 events high jump, 100m, and long jump. In both high jump and 100m I got 3rd but sadly I didn’t place in long jump .Also I sighed up for long distance with Jodi, Tessa, and Heidi. In long distance our team got 4th. Another accomplishment is my grades. I’ve never gotten anything worse than a b- or a 3-. Some other accomplishments are my desk. I’ve always kept my desk very clean and organized and easy for me to find my work. One last accomplishment is my work. My work is usually always up to date and I am usually always handing in my work when it is expected to be handed in. Now enough about my accomplishments let’s talk about my goals. Some of my goals are in gym. I do like sports and gym but I’m not very good at hockey and soccer and that’s what I think I struggle in most. I think that I struggle in these because I can’t do chest or heads bumps in soccer and in basketball I’m not very good at passing. I also struggle in math but not a lot. Some times I just don’t understand anything about math but once someone explains it to me I get the hang of it and I get better at the part of math that were learning. Let’s move on to something different like what I like about school well that is on the days that I do like school. Some days I’m like “hey today was awesome” and other days I’m like “man today was super boring. The days that I think are considered “fun” days are the days we do fun things like when we do art. In art we make fun paintings and crafts for example we drew a frog and colored it in with markers. Then we painted it with water and sprinkled salt on top. Another fun thing we do on “fun” days is drama. In drama we make groups and create a skit on whatever Mr.Vella tells us. Now for the things I don’t like about school. I don’t like math because in math all we do is talk and talk and talk and it gets really annoying. Also in math we always get lots of homework. Ok just to for warn you there is going to be a lot of writing ahead because now I’m going to talk about my memories. Soo let’s go back all the way it’s the first day of school. Today is the day is the memory of seeing all your friends, finding out who’s class your in and if your friends are in your class. Now since I can’t write about all my memories I’ll just pick 3 on for the beginning of the year, one for the middle, and one for the very end of year .For my first memory I will remember seeing all my friends, going back to boring old school and dreaming for it to end. In the beginning I will also remember meeting the new kids in our class(Ethan, and Heidi)Now for my middle of the year memory. For this memory I will remember my teacher Mr.Vella’s birthday. Since my teacher loves star wars soo much 2 friends and I dressed up like princess leia and put on a play for he. In our play 2 of us were imposters long story short it was really funny. Now for my last and final memory I think I would have to pick the memory of when we all made structures on either ancient Greece or ancient Egypt. I think it was really neat to see everybody structure. This has been my reflection on my grade 5 school year.

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