Alcohol Abuse and its Harmful Effects on the Human Body

By , June 10, 2013 3:20 pm

In class, students have been discussing and writing about the harmful effects of alcohol abuse on the human body.

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  1. Chloe says:

    Alcohol abuse hurts everyone. Some examples on how it could hurt or effect your body are: you could have liver failure or kidney failure. Your brain cells die, alcohol kills your brain cells. Did you know that? And worst of all… DEATH. A disadvantage is you could get your drivers license taken away. And there are WAY more disadvantages that one that I just listed. Having one or two drinks then taking a cab home or getting a ride with a friend who hasn’t had a drink, thats okay. But having fifteen or twenty drinks then driving home, or driving other people home that had the same amount of drinks as you, NOT OKAY. You could kill yourself! Or anyone in the car!!! Some people should take drinking seriously. I mean it’s hard to believe that grown people are STILL doing this! It’s common sense that if you go to a party you don’t have thirty or even ten drinks. And especially you don’t drive home after doing that! Like we do in math, It’s certain that if you have sixteen drinks then drive home your ether going to be dead or REALLY injured.

  2. stephanie45v says:

    There are many things alcohol can effect to the body and to people. Some dangers it can cause to you is liver disease or liver failure, clogges blood if you have too much,Brain cells being influenced and worst of all DEATH! You could drink and drive which could hurt you and other people, which is why theres a law to be 19 and older to drink in Canada. But it won’t just hurt you it can hurt a lot of other people. If you watch the news or listen to the radio there are a lot of sad but true story’s that have been caused by alcohol. None of that stuff should happen so here are some ways we can prevent it from happening. First, we can raise the price of alcohol and raise the drinking age to like 23 where people are more responsible with it. We, can take it out of some restaurants too! There are many things that alcohol can effect and those were some.

  3. heidi5v2012 says:

    Alcohol abuse is very bad in many different ways. Like it is ok to have like 3 or 4 bottles of alcohol just not outstanding amounts like 15. Alcohol abuse can effect your brain cells and it would make you do things you don’t normally do example: drink and drive and it would be blurry and you could injur/kill someone or yourself. Alcohol abuse could effect your body in many different ways first it could give you liver problems,blood clogging,mental illness or get really fat because all the calaries that are in alcohol. Some stratagies to prevent alcohol abuse could be to make a law that if you have over 1 beer at a bar then you wouldn’t be able to drive home. Also they could make a machine and put it outside of every bar and make you scan a ID before entering. Thats my thoughts about alcohol abuse.

  4. Avery says:

    Alcohol abuse effects the body in many hurtful ways. First, you can get killed by having to many drinks or because you might have been drinking while driving. Also, one of the concerns of alcohol abuse is having to drink so much it effects your liver and can cause liver failure and make it stop working. Another, it can cause clogging blood cells because the alcohol has gotten into your system and has gotten to far into your system.
    It can effect other people by drinking while driving because you can hit people with your car. Also, you can loose your mind and in courage people to start drinking and they might witch is bad for everybody! But if the people say no then good for them. These are my thoughts about alcohol abuse.

  5. ben5v2012 says:

    Alcohol abuse is very dangerous. Alcohol abuse is when you don’t drink responibly. It’s when you have lots of drinks instead of just a few. There’s lots of effects on the human body. First, you could have liver and kindey failure. Second, you could feel woozy and dizzy. Your vision could get blurred and you can’t think right. People shouldn’t abuse alcohol but they do because they get addicted.

  6. madeline45v says:

    How can alcohol abuse effect your body, or others around you? It can effect you in many ways! First, your blood vessels can get clogged and you might get a heart attack! Also, you could not see where your going, and walk onto the road right in front of a car! Drinking can also effect other like if you get in a fight with someone, or push someone accidentally and they could fall off of something and get hurt. I think, that if you want to through your life away, then that’s your decision, but if it effects others, you should stop. There are many risks to drinking and abusing alcohol!

  7. josh5v2012 says:

    Alcohol Abuse is a bad thing to do to your body. First, It can effect your brain cells. 2nd, it can effect your your weight, you could get skinny. Next,people cahn effect there life, they coulld kill somone…. ELSE! Another, you could crash driving a car because having to many drinks can effect you eye sight. Also, it can effect your motor skills, like kicking a soccer ball. When you have more then 1 drink, it can start to effect you coordination. Abusing alcohol is bad and can effect you life in many ways, dont do it!!

  8. elissa45v says:

    Alcohol affects the body in many ways. First, it affects the liver. it acts as a toxin or poison and the liver can could stop working and die. Also, it could kill brain cells. And if you start abusing alcohol now by the time you’re 80 you wont have many left. That could affect your mental statability. Last, if you drink in public you could ask crazy and start a fight with someone. Or if you drive after drinking you could get in a car accident and kill someone and the family would be devastated or you could kill yourself. That’s why alcohol abuse is bad and can have many affects on the body!

  9. Ethan says:

    Alcohol abuse can effect us in many different ways. It can make your liver and kidneys fail, clogs blood which could cause a heart attack, it can kill brain cells which could make you mental.And those are only some of the effects.It does not just effect you either it effects friends, family and strangers to. It also makes you do things you dont usually do such as doing illegal drugs ect.I also incourage people to drink responsibly because if you dont you could be putting someone in danger. If you or someone you know abuses alcohol try to limit the alcohol you or some one you know and get them hooked on something different. So this is my paragraph on alcohol abuse.

  10. ALEX says:

    Alcohol can kill you if you get in your car and drive at the same time it can get worse then you think.

  11. katie5v2012 says:

    Alcohol can effect you because if you were walking on the side walk and you seen a dog you would want to go around it but then you could trip over it and you could get hurt. Alcohol can also hurt the people that are around you because you can do things that people say to you that you should do if you were drinking. If you drive when you where drinking than you can get in a car crash. Things that you do around people can even effect you and people like your friends and your family.

  12. alicia says:

    How dose alcohol abuse effect the body?It effects the body in many ways.Firstly it can make you have bad choices like hurt yourself or get the police involved and hurt some one else.You can hurt your self by jumping off a building or hurting a person by trying to get hands on with them.You can also try to kill someone including yourself or ones you can also get some one in trouble like yourself so please do not abuse alcohol REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It can also make you sick..

  13. lana says:

    This is what I think alcohol abuse could be. Alcohol abuse could be someone who is not responsible for how much alcohol they have to drink in one day. It could also be someone who needs lots of alcohol in a day or they will go crazy. It could be someone who could hurt someone that did nothing to them. Or they could hurt them self. Alcohol abuse could ruin your life because you could be put in jail from drinking to much alcohol. You could make some bad decision for alcohol. That is what I think alcohol abuse is.

  14. Alexa says:

    Alcohol can be very dangerous if you drink it irresponsible. First, if you don’t know what drinking irresponsible is then I’ll tell you. Drinking irresponsible is when you are drinking out of control like having over 8 drinks a day. Drinking responsible is when you only have 3 or less drinks a day. Somethings that can happen to your body from drinking alcohol irresponsible is heart attack it can give you a heart attack by clogging up lots of your blood. Also, alcohol can kill brain cells, and if you drink and drive you can get into a car accident.Now let talk about alcohol abuse another word for abuse could be addicted. I think that people can get abused by alcohol because of a recent devorice, depression. Another reason someone could get abused from alcohol is from sadness or madness. These are some of my thoughts about alcohol abuse and drinking irresponsible.

  15. Sheridan says:

    Hi I’m telling you about alcohol abuse. First, some ways it can affect the human body are sirrosis of the liver, brain damage and can lead to a heart attack. Next,I personally think people shouldn’t drink if they drink and then drive they could get in a car accident. After, if people drink to much they could get to crazy and kill someone or possibly kill them self. Last, some side affects to drinking are getting dizzy and nauseous. I also think that if people want to get into the bar people should have a scanner that will say if its real or not.(ID) The government should close down more bars and more stores that sell alcohol. This is my opinion about alcohol abuse.

  16. riley5v2012 says:

    Alcohol is bad in many ways. First it could cause kidney failure and blood clog. Also it could kill brain cells and cause a bleeding throat. Also when you drink too much alcohol you will abuse it like punching and kicking stuff. When you are too drunk and you get in a car make sure that someone that’s not drunk drives you home safly cause if you drive yourself home and your drunk there is a good chance that you could get in a car crash.Thats why you shouldnt drink alot of alcohol

  17. jodi5v2012 says:

    How can alcohol abuse affect the human body and others? Many ways but I’ll explain. Alcohol abuse is when you drink and you drink too much and all or a lot of the time. Here is what will happen if you abuse alcohol, well one thing that can happen if you abuse alcohol is if you drink and drive then you may not only be injuring your life and yourself but you could be making other people harmless people in the other car could get injured or could have the chance of dying just from your bad choice. Even if you do not drink to much don’t go home in your car, call someone else to come and pick you up or call a cab. That would be the better choice! Also another thing that could happen if you drink too much then you could get some kind of liver disease and if your liver is bad then it can fail and then you will end up dying. Also if you have too much to drink you could end up getting over weight and if you get to over weight something bad could happen to you like you could get a heart attack or have heart problems and could possibly end up dying. Alcohol abuse could lead to other bad choices like smoking, or even doing drugs or getting involved with bad people. People could use there anger and take it out on someone else that is innocent and has never done anything wrong to you that is how some people could get hurt very badly and you would end up in jail and you would not want that to happen and you would regret what there past might have been like! Also it is really bad when you are too young of a age and you are drinking. When you are at to young of an age you don’t always make the right choices so you may decide to drink and then you would come in the habit of drinking. When you drink you could not chose your choices wisely and could hurt someone physically and mentally sometimes drinking is how child abuse can start. It is okay to have like one or two drinks but when you over drink way too much in just one day or just in a few hours then this is bad! Not only physically but mentally too because of the way that you may be saying something or doing something to someone it could be a friend family or co-worker any one. You may not know what you are doing when you are drinking you could even take the life of another person or even yourself! When you are drinking you may not be thinking straight (you could be acting weird for example: angry, moody, load, confused and you could be sick) so you don’t quite know what your doing is bad and when you are doing this on a regular basis then this is really bad too and there could be more bad things that could happen to you like I mean more health risks. It may not hurt you when you are abusing alcohol but it hurts others like family and close friends it hurts for everyone that is around you to see you like this wasting your life so stop doing what your doing! Alcohol abuse is wrong!! That’s what it can do to affect the human body and other people!

  18. damian5v2012 says:

    Alcohol Abuse is bad. First, you can hurt somebody or something. Like you could kill a person or an animal. You could do this by drinking and then drive and kill someone. Secondly, you can it could be dangerous to the environment. It is dangerous to the environment because you could make a mess of the grass if you go of course. Lastly, you could do damage yourself. You could kill or hurt yourself if you get in a crash. This is why you should not do alcohol abuse.

    Alcohol Abuse can affect the body. First, it can kill you. It can kill your blood cells going to your brain and you could meet your death. Also, your kidney could be damage. It could have a failure. This is some of the problems that alcohol abuse can affect the body.

  19. tessa5v2012 says:

    Alcohol has a lot of effects on people and your self. First when you go to the bar to have an drink you will want more. Next when you start to drink you think that it makes you feel better but it doesn’t.Also thing that might happen to you when you drink is you could have blood clot, liver failure, death.Next things that we could do to stop we could get an ID card scanner so that no one with an fake ID can enter the bar. Also we can kick people out if their to loud or drunk.People drink because they have things that are not so good.

  20. JOHNATHAN says:

    Alcohol abuse is not good for you or others around you. If you have to many drinks and start driving and crash. You could get arrested injured or even worse die that is why you should never DRINK & DRIVE. Always be responsible and take a cab bus or have a designated driver. Think about if someone hit you or your kids. this is why MADD puts out commercials about drunk driving but no one ever listens.

  21. owen says:

    Alcohol can effect the hum an body and other people.Alcohol can effect the human body by adding a lot of weight to it. But it depends on how much you drink. If you drink a lot of alcohol you will gain a lot of weight. But if you drink a little bit every now and then you will not gain a lot of weight. It can also stop your kidneys. It can also harm other people if you hit them with a car. You could yell at someone and it could ruin you friend ship. Do not abuse alcohol.

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