Health Point of View

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Using your knowledge and understanding and what we discussed in class, what is the point of view of these images? Explain.

What information does the graph tell you?

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What information do you learn in the graph above. What is your point of view. Is there a point of view missing? Explain your thinking. Post your comment.

We all see the world through a different point of view

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What is your point of view? Explain your thinking.


Images from the International Space Station Courtesy of Canadian Chris Hadfield

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Point of View

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Write a point of view about the following picture. What do you think may be happening in this picture? Explain your thinking? In your response, include a question that you may be wanting to ask? Who’s point of view could be missing in the picture? Explain. (10-12 sentences)

Podcasts in Health – Healthy Ads for Kids for New Products

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Students  worked in groups to create podcasts for a new product that targets a young audience. By clicking on the links below, you can hear their commercials.



krazy kookies with a K

lightning power drink

blue cool2




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