Cooperation is Important to Me

By , December 17, 2012 4:26 pm

Cooperation in our classroom is an important character trait that we discuss everyday in our daily work. Students in our class worked collaboratively to discuss why collaboration is important.







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  1. Sheridan says:

    Cooperation is important to the world. First, when people work together we accomplish things we need or need to do. Next, when we work together we get information that we need. Also, it would be hard to live and talk to people without cooperation. Last, but the most important thing is we need people to help, not just one but most people need to have cooperation.

  2. madeline45v says:

    Cooperation is important. People cooperate to get the things we need to survive like food and shelter. First, farmers cooperate and make foods for us to eat. Also, construction workers cooperate to build shelters for us to live in. We couldn’t survive without food or shelter which need cooperation but things we want like friends need cooperation. If we don’t cooperate with people they won’t be our friends. Things we need and want need cooperation! Cooperation is important!

  3. Ben says:

    Cooperation is important for a few reasons. First, you get to hear other people’s thoughts. Also, you can learn new things. Without cooperation there would be conflict. Fourthly, you can get jobs and make new friends if you cooperate well. Lastly, you get work done faster when you work in a group. Two is better than one!

  4. Ethan says:

    Cooperation is important because with out it every body would be a 1 man show and it would take a long time to achieve a goal . Know body would be working together there would be way to much conflict and arguments going on and people would just go ahead and do thing’s they would not be listening to other peoples ideas but if we do cooperate then we could achieve our work and goals way faster and get things done that need to be done (ex. 2 fingers are stronger than 1) so that is why cooperation is very important.

  5. alicia says:

    Cooperation is important because it can give you ideas for next year or for an upcoming test and for your report card.Also if you listen all the time people will want to be your friend.You might know the saying 2 fingers are better than 1so t is really saying 1 person can have fun but 2 can have more.Those are some of the reasons cooperation is important to me.

  6. stephanie45v says:

    Cooperation is very important to me and this is why. First, because without it would be much harder to accomplish goals. For example, if two company’s were working together it might be easier because you can cooperate together and get things done easy. Also, it’s important because if we didn’t have it we might not be able to get the things we need properly done. Another example why cooperation is important to me is because it builds better friendship plus, people are nice to each other. Lastly, people could never get anything done in school or at home. In school they could never get any work done. In work like in constructing people are building houses or buildings so if we did not have cooperation people would always argue all the time and never finish. Cooperation is important to me mostly because people probably wouldn’t get along with each other either. That’s why cooperation is important to me!

  7. damian5v2012 says:

    Cooperation is important to me. First, we can get work done quicker than normal. Secondly, without cooperation there would be lots of fighting. No goals would be done. Also, you can have fun with cooperation. An example is in hockey: if you were doing everything you could be losing 7-3, or start winning 3-0 and lose 4-3. But with cooperation you could win 5-0. Furthermore you can be treated the way you wanted to be treated. This is what I think cooperation is important.

  8. Tessa says:

    Cooperation is important to me because it makes the world better place to be in. It makes lots of things get done that need to get done. Also if no one cooperate in the world then there would be lots of fitting and no one would get a long. Next you need to know how to cooperate if you want to play sports such as hockey because if you didn’t then you would not work as a team and you need to work as a team if you want to win.Then if you cooperate with people then you have so meany friends and you could get along with.Another thing is that you have to cooperate to get the things you need to survive to get food and water and settler.

  9. chloe5v2012 says:

    Cooperation is one of the most important traits. If you don’t cooperate you can’t accomplish anything and whatever task you have to do you can’t do it if your not cooperating. Second, you can get the job done faster if your all pitching in ideas the job will be done before you know it, but if everyone else is arguing and only one person is getting the job done it will take more time, cooperation doesn’t only have to be in school it’s everywhere like in sports and construction sites, and many more! Also, if your playing sports and your not cooperating with the other team members then you shouldn’t expect on winning because cooperation is key, but if you are cooperating with the people on your team then you might have a chance on winning. Further more, if you not pitching in everyone ideas there’s going to be less cooperation like in drama for an example everyone has different ideas so what I do is I write up everyone’s ideas and then I mash then together to make one big awesome idea and after that there is so much cooperation way more then we had when we started! That’s why cooperation is important to me.

  10. katie says:

    Cooperation is important to me because for example if you be don`t be nice to someone then they will treat you the same w then you may say why are you treating me like this then you will say because you are not treating me the way that you would like to be treated. If you don`t be nice to people then you get treated the same way that you are treating them. It can make them feel left out. If we don`t have cooperation then we can`t work together.If we work together then we can get things done. You can get a lot of thing done if you use cooperation. Cooperation can keep us from fitting with each other.Cooperation is really important to everyone.

  11. owen says:

    Why cooperation is important to me?

    So I can get my work done. Do good on tests. There are no fights on who is right and who is wrong . I have more ideas. I don’t have to tell people things all the time.I can get a good job. I can achieve goals quicker . It lets me work with friends. I can save time and get more done as a team.Makes people happy when you work as a team.

  12. Josh says:

    I learned that when your cooperative, you get it back from your friends and family. When yo work together, you can make things a lot faster. Being cooperative means you will listen to the teacher and your parents when they are talking, following rules when ordered to, and being on task 24.7. Cooperating is used in school,factory’s,and more places around the world. Not cooperating can get you in trouble, so cooperate. Also, Not cooperating and listening to the speaker can effect on how you do on a test(your mark). Finally, Cooperating can give you good marks on report cards(adults and students)If you don’t cooperate, you can forget about homework or not even know because you were not listening and fail because you did not do the homework. A message to all you readers, Please cooperate, there are consequences.

  13. lana says:

    This is what I know about cooperation. People holding hands to show they are friends. The teems have to cooperate to work and play to win the game. The people huddle together to represent that they are there for each other and care for you. It also, friends and helps you get lots of friends and stay there friend. It keeps you out of trouble and get rewards if you are good.

  14. riley5v2012 says:

    Cooperation is important to me. First, we can get work done quicker. second, you can win hockey games when you
    cooperate and if you didn’t cooperate the score could be 5-1.
    And if you where building a skyscraper and you cooperated
    it would be done faster then normal. This is why I think
    cooperation is important.

  15. mackenzie says:

    Cooperation is important to me for many reasons. Firstly, you can get your work done faster because of all the ideas from others in your group. Also, you would get many ideas from the others in your group, with your partner or other people that are with you at that time. Secondly, when you work together you don’t get in fights because you work nicely together. Thirdly, you can get ideas that you would not have gotten if you were working by yourself for the reason that different people get different ideas or some people get the same ideas. Fourthly, sometimes you don’t get questions done because you don’t know what to write but with cooperation your partners can help you out with questions that you would not normally get. These are some reasons why I think cooperation is important.

  16. Heidi says:

    Cooperation is important to me so I can get work done faster. And if you don’t cooperate then you won’t have much friends because they will be mad at you. And you can also get in fights. Also when you cooperate you have more ideas because you listen to people and cooperate. Another reason why cooperation is important is because you have fun while doing work. Well we just would not get along because we would do our own thing and not listen to other peoples ideas. That’s why cooperation is really important in our world like schools,parks,hospitals and just public places.

  17. Jodi says:

    Cooperation is very important to me and everyone else. There is quite a lot of reasons how to explain cooperation and how it’s important to me. Like one thing cooperation, is about team work and working together and that doesn’t just mean that, that happens at school. For example, fire fighters have to show cooperation because they have to work together to save other’s lives. Even the people that are getting helped have to cooperate because if they didn’t then that would make the fire fighters job’s a whole lot harder. Also, police officers have cooperation because if they didn’t they help people to make our lives safe also they have to work together to find out what person did something bad. For example a burglary in a home they have to find the person that did that and they can’t do that alone. Another, reason is trusting each other to do the right thing together. Students have to be able to trust there peers or group. For example, when your working in a group on a math problem or something in language what you wouldn’t want to happen is one person taking complete control over it or one person is like “no I don’t want to do this it’s hard you guys do it” then that’s not fair and there not showing cooperation. Also, the teachers need to do the same thing. But just think when they have to go on lunch duty or have to go out for recess when they do that there taking turns and that are like “I don’t want to do that I went out last week” then there just thinking of them self and when they do that it’s not just cooperation that there missing there missing caring integrity and responsibility. Even though it might not be there responsibility all the time it is good to do those things. I don’t know why they wouldn’t want to do it because it would make me feel like I’m in charge of the yard if that was me. Those are some reasons why cooperation is important to me!!

  18. Alexa says:

    I think that cooperation is an important trait. Cooperation is very important because with cooperation we accomplish almost anything. Without cooperation it’s harder to do things like is it easier to build a fort by your self or with a friend. Also if we all cooperate with each other when we do things it makes it a lot easier. When we work together we don’t get into fight or disagreements that slow us down. Lastly cooperation keeps us from starting wars. Cooperation also keeps us from not fighting and happily working together. I think that cooperation will make our everyday lives a lot easier and simpler because we cooperate.

  19. Avery says:

    Cooperation can do many things people in the world can’t do. First, cooperation can save lives. For example, it can save people in war because if people sacrifice something valuable it can bring world peace. Or in between country’s. Also, it can help people feel stronger. For example, if a person teams up with a group of people it can make a person in a hospital or injured try to make there feelings better or try to help the pain. Another, is cooperating can solve problems. Like if you were lost with strangers you try to cooperate to do teamwork and try to find your way home. Lastly, cooperation can help get things done. Such as, if you were planning a birthday or wedding and you and some friends were fighting you could use teamwork to get it done. These are some ideas about cooperation.

  20. dylan5v2012 says:

    I see that people cooperate to accomplish things. I see that people win games when they cooperate. People can work together and accomplish big things. People can get things done faster, finish building faster. If you work together to win a game like 5 to 1.
    If you are doing a protect you can work together and finish it faster.

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