Cause and Effect

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  1. elissa45v says:

    I learned many things after reading “Nunavut’s coat Of Arms”. The book is about what the coat of arms represents. I learned that the narwhal doesn’t have a horn. It is actually their tooth. I also learned that the narwhal and the caribou represents the sea and land animals of the territory. Last, I learned that the territory’s coat of arms in the newest coat of arms in Canada. Here are some facts I learned in the text.

  2. chloe5v2012 says:

    Here are the some of the things I learned after reading this text. First, on Nunavut’s coat of arms there’s a caribou and a narwhal as there animals while Canada has a lion and a unicorn. Also, I learned that the crown on top of the igloo represents the queen. Then, I learned about igloos and how there made of pure snow and ice and it keeps all of the warmth in and the cold out. Further more, the caribou and the narwhal represents the sea and land animals and how there apart of nature. That’s what I’ve learned about the coat of arms and other things in this text.

  3. josh5v2012 says:

    I learned that the intuits use inuksuks to give directions through the arctic. Also, they sell whale teeth for money. Another, the inuits use narwhals and caribou to give food and shelter to the inuits, thats why they are on the coat of arms. Also, Igloos give warmth and shelter to the inuits in the arctic. Finally, All the things on Nunavuts coat of arms is important, One more thing!! Nunavuts coat of arms is the newest coat of arms. Thats what I learned when reading Nunavuts coat of arms.

  4. alicia says:

    When we read the reading selection, “Nunavut’s coat of arm’s” I learned some things.Firstly, I learned that a Narwhal has a tooth growing out not down straight like our teeth do.Also people used to cut their tooth and be greedy and say it was a unicorn horn for dollars instead of telling the truth and anyway I think if they tell the truth they will feel good about their self’s and still get some money by telling the people the truth and starting a whole lie.Also I think that there could be a consequence by Nunavut police or any police and people will want their money back.That is what I think and what I learned.

  5. stephanie45v says:

    I learned many things in “Nunavut’s Coat of arms”. First I learned that the star in the coat of arms represents the elders that lead and advise the people of Nunavut. Also I learned that the inushuk on the coat of arms represents warmth of family and friends in Nunavut and a happy life. Another thing I learned is the Narwhal in the coat of arms has a long tusk which is actually a over-grown tooth! Lastly I learned the crown on the coat of arms represents the queen and that Canada is related to royalty. That’s what I learned in Nunavut’s coat of arms!

  6. avery5v2012 says:

    I learned from this text that hunters that are traveling for food build igloo’s for warmth in the Arctic. Also, I learned that the newest coat of arms is Nunavut’s. Another, is that every province and territory owns or has a coat of arms. Lastly, I learned that “Nunavut Sanginivut” means “Nunavut Our Strength”. These are some things I have learned from this text.

  7. Heidi says:

    What I learned about Nunavut’s coat of arms is that it has a lamp at the bottom of the coat of arms so you can see in the dark winter. I also learned that people in Nunavut get there food,shelter,clothing and tools from narwhals and caribou that’s why there on the coat of arms. Also there is a crown on the igloo on the coat of arms. Thats what I learned about the Nunavut’s coat of arms.

  8. jodi5v2012 says:

    Nunavut’s coat of arms is something that you can learn a lot from. What one thing you can learn is that on there coat of arms is two animals. The animal on the right is a caribou and on the left there is a narwhal and they represent the land and sea of Nunavut. What another thing that I learned is on the coat of arms there is a circle and on the circle is a stone light and an inukshuk what the stone light stands for a lamp that they used in winter time to keep light in there houses and it also represents the warmth (sort of like love) of there family and friends. The inukshuk was made from Inuit hunters to show the way to the arctic. Another thing I learned was at the top of the circle there is a star that means it guided people in the arctic and shows also that the elders would lead and advise people. Made of ice and snow is an igloo that is above the circle. The last thing I learned was the crown at the top represents the queen. Those are the things that I learned from Nunavut’s coat of arms.

  9. Sheridan says:

    The coat of arms represents food, shelter, clothing and tools in Nunavut. These are some fact’s about Nunavut’s coat of I learned many things from the book “Nunavut’s Coat of Arms”. First, the north star has been on the coat of arms and represents the elders who have lead and advised people who lived in Nunavut. Next, the inuksuk represents the warmth of family and friends. Last, there is a narwhal and caribou arms.

  10. damian5v2012 says:

    There is a little I learn from Nunavut’s Coat of Arms. First, I learned that the animals are a caribou and a narwhal.  Secondly, I learned that instead of an animal on the top there is an igloo.  Also, I learn what the crown means. First it represent the Queen. Second it shows that Nunavut is part of Canada. This is what I learn l learn from the text.

  11. Ben says:

    I learned many things about Nunavut coat of arms. First, I learned that the coat of arms has a narwhal and a caribou. I learned that the caribou represents the land and the narwhal represents water. The inukshuks were made by inuit hunters as land marks.

  12. owen says:

    I learned what the Nunavut coat of arms looked like.
    Nunavut’s coat of arms had a lamp on it . I never knew that it had a narwhal on it . I didn’t know that a narwhal long tusk is a tooth that grows out ward in a spiral.I did not know that it had a igloo on it. The Narwhal represents water. Also the Caribou represents land . The crown represents the queen . I didn’t know that the coat of arms represents food , shelter and tools. Those are some things I learned.

  13. Alexa says:

    I learned lots of new things after reading Nunavt’s coat of arms.First,I learned that people from nunavt use caribou and narwall skin for food and cloths. Also, Ilearned that the blue and gold circle in the coat of arms are symbols of hounor. Another thing that I learned is that usally there is two animals on the coat of arms. Plus, the two animals on the Nunavut coat of arms are a Caribou and a narwall they are put on the coat of arms because they repersent the sea and land of Nuavut. Did you know that inuksuks are built to show which way to the artic. These are some things that I learned after reading this book.

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